What Is The Perfect Blog Posting Timings To Drive Maximum Traffic

What Is The Perfect Blog Posting Timings To Drive Maximum Traffic

I wanted to do these quick posts to highlight and likewise answer one of our commentators a couple of days back, regarding blog posting timings to drop Alexa rank and thus driving the maximum traffic to your blog.

To understand, posting timings at your blog have a great significance in dropping your Alexa rank apart from posting consistently.

How To Figure Out Best Posting Timings For Your Blog?

This is the main question that we aim to look at in today's post. In order to drop your Alexa rank fast (Alexa rank, from Alexa.com site determines the traffic of a particular website.

The lesser the number of Alexa rank, the more traffic your blog gets. Google is at #1 Alexa and Facebook at #2 Alexa. So that's pretty much the overview of the ranking system of Alexa.)

What Is The PERFECT Blog POSTING Timings To Drive Maximum TRAFFIC

The main strategy that works great to drop your Alexa rank to minimum is by posting out articles consistently over a long period of time, may be 1 year at least to get considerable results. Blogging is not a sprint game, rather its a marathon. So comprehend it likewise.

So there are basically 2-3 main points that you could consider to determine the best blog posting timings that would give you maximum results to drop your Alexa as fast as you can.

Tip #1 Study Your Statistics

Say you have started out with a blogging a couple of days back and you're not sure about the posting timings and stuff. You're in the right place.

What Is The PERFECT Blog POSTING Timings To Drive Maximum TRAFFIC

Simply have a look at your traffic graph, where you're using Google Analytics or Blogger stats. Either would work as you just need to get an idea of your peak timings. The results would only be accurate if you post out consistently for at least a period of 15 days to 1 month.

Then take a look at 1 month traffic graph. Say you come to a point that you get maximum traffic during midnight around 11-12 am. (just random, as an example). So this is the time when you have to consider posting timings from there onwards.

Schedule your posts during mid night (if you go to bed before that). Keep doing that for 2-3 months and you would notice your Alexa rank dropping fast.

That would motivate you to stay consistent with your blogging career.

Tip #2 Check Alexa Daily

In this starting period, you need to take a close look at your Alexa rank to stay focused and to make sure that your hard work is not going in vain. Though it's not recommended to keep looking at statistics in general in the early blogging days.

After each day, you would notice your Alexa rank dropping by huge numbers (some times in millions and most of the time in thousands). But such huge figures drop only happens if your own Alexa rank is high like (10,000,000).

Say the very next day you would notice that your rank would be like (8,000,000 as an example). But as your Alexa rank gets improved, you would notice slight improvements, but those are worth it. This is the point that would show that your blog is going towards success.

What Is The PERFECT Blog POSTING Timings To Drive Maximum TRAFFIC

Tip #3 Now Stick To Your Results

Finally once you have figured out that what posting timings works for your best (that improves Alexa), simply stick to it for at least 6 months. While this entire time, keep a close eye to your Alexa for any change of patterns.

The more you study your blog's growth, the better you would be able to grow it. But the only concern about blog analytics is that it would distract you from making the content, that is the key to the success. People come by to read stuff on your blog, so make sure you provide them with that daily!

Follow you posting patterns strictly. If you miss out any day in between, it would harm your Alexa rank growth. As Alexa improves from posting consistently, it likewise drops (gets worst) also pretty quickly.
So make sure that you keep it giving a push all the time. Specially in the early months (6 months at least).

Hope that was helpful to figure out the posting timings for your blog.

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So would love to hear from you. Do you need to ask anything else? Is there a success story of yours that you wish to share?

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