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Guest Posting Opportunities on BloggignEhow.com

Yes, now you can write for Blogging eHow, as we are accepting guest posts and sponsored content publication services.

As you know very well, guest posting has always been one of the top ways to build authority backlinks ever since the start of search engine optimization (SEO)! But, you should understand we need high-quality content, so you have to focus on this too.

People tried finding new ways that were acceptable to search engines as well as to humans (of course we are talking about guest bloggers) and found out that helping other bloggers with submitting quality content could do better for online writer's block.

Looking forward to that, many of our fellow bloggers emailed us to enquire if Blogging eHow is open for paid guest post opportunities.

We listened to them and now opening the paid guest posting service to all of you.

Featured On:

BloggingEhow.com featured on Buffer, TNW and many other big publications
BloggingEhow.com featured on Buffer, TNW, and other big publications!

Here's how to submit a sponsored guest post or ask for a paid review of your tool/service:

Paid Blog Post Acceptance Criteria

This is the time we would take this step to offer 'guest posting opportunities' to content marketers, brands, companies, and service providers who would be able to present their paid guest posts and sponsored content that would be published on Bloggingehow.com and these posts will be indexed by Google, will be featured on the homepage too and for sure will be shared over our social media channels.

Guidelines: Who's Sponsored Guest Post Would Be Accepted?

A person who can choose the best topic for our readership (we are accepting paid guest posts it is not like we are in need of money, we need quality content and we can't give a link for free).

The blog post would be high in quality when it comes to writing skills (grammar/sentence structure) and at least 500+ words long.

The post would be professional (On-page SEO, Topic + Overall Presentation, should be clear and straightforward)

PS: We would not be able to give back suggestions about your posts. So kindly make sure that you submit the final version that you think is the best you can do.

NOTE: We are also accepting niche edits and contextual ads, so you can ask for the price via the email address provided below.

How To Submit A Free or Sponsored Guest Post?

First, contact us about pricing and then you can complete a guest post and send it to:

[email protected]

this is our admin's email address.

We hope this helps beginners increase their outreach as we send replies ASAP to all the bloggers who want to write for us or reach a quality audience on a tech blog and a business magazine covering just the best of the web.

Important Site Statistics:

  • Domain Authority: High DA 50+
  • Page Authority: High PA 49
  • Domain Rating: High DR 50+
  • Launch Date: 2011-08-20
  • Alexa: Under 400K
  • Google News Approved Publication: Check

Earlier, for quite some years, we realized that we didn't want to accept guest posts due to the following factors:

  1. The majority of guest posts are low in quality
  2. Most of them are just targeted to suck backlinks juice and provide very little value.
  3. Poor English and language skills.

Though we think, after quite many years, it's time that we open it up for everyone.

Topics we like you to write about

Here are a few topics for which we need content from your side as a guest post:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • How To
  • Marketing (digital or print)
  • Social Media
  • Home Improvement
  • Law and Order
  • Finance and Investing
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Tools Guides

Besides this, we love titles like:

  • how to study MBA online
  • how to boil an egg
  • how to say happy birthday
  • how to create a website
  • how to install windows

This type of article will be published ASAP.

We've mentioned quite some filters that would be considered when a guest post or sponsored content would be accepted on BloggingEhow.

Hope that helps all.