How to Drive Your First 10,000 Visitors to Your Blog? - 6 Content Marketing Examples

How to Drive Your First 10,000 Visitors to Your Blog? - 6 Content Marketing Examples

Blogging is fun, but only when people read your content. It has always been a big issue with the bloggers who are relatively new with their blogs and want to be read by thousands.

I'm sure you'd have already read a whole bunch of blog posts that talk about the same old stuff, that is 'Content is King', post quality stuff and what not.

YES, it is the fact that without publishing the content that your audience needs, there is no way one can pull of their blog in long run.

Though, I would ask, how many posts did you found who would actually define your what quality content is and what has been working for themselves personally? ...Very little I would say.

This very post is special to me and I'm sure to you too, as I lay down some practical tips that you can start following from today and notice the results coming.

 I would recommend you to follow these tips for at least 2 months straight with out any gap, and I would love to see the results from you in this very post.

Once you're done reading this blog post, make sure you come back to this video below where I go through how to market your blog post once you're publishing it.

6 Content Marketing Examples that Works Lightning Fast...

I have seen quite a bit of bloggers who have recently begun with their blogging passion but fail to realize what is supposed to be 'quality content' for their niche?

There are 3 types of posts that you can publish:

1- A How-to post:  People would search a lot of these in search engines and you can expect traffic from Google, Yahoo etc.

Posts that teach readers how to do something; these typically perform very well in organic search if they align with long-tail search terms.

For example few blog posts ideas:

a- How To Attach an Image In Whatsapp (This seems pretty basic, though people actually search for such basic content, and by this, we can capture people interested in Whatsapp messenger and love it.)

Same goes for other messaging, AI bot apps app platforms.

2- Top List Posts Without Consent Of People Added: 

These posts are often getting traffic from search engines, with an addition of their viral nature, they get handsome shares in social media too.

For example few blog posts ideas:

a- 8 best messaging apps for Android
b- 10 Best Messaging Apps

These posts are for ever giving. They never get old and continue to give traffic for years to come. For evergreen content.

3- Top List Posts With Consent Of People/Brand Added:

These are the posts that you would write with the consent of actual people taking part in it.

Below, once I go through each of these categories you need to work on, I've shared a schedule for you too to work upon for first 2 months of your blogging.

The biggest favor you can do to me is to stick to it and keep praying for me when you get the results in Google Analytics. 🙂

4- Thought Leadership:

Posts that explain fundamental shifts in an industry, or ask the reader to rethink convention wisdom.

For example few blog posts ideas:

a- Why you should ditch SMS and embrace over-the-top messaging apps

5- Newsjacks:

Timely content that either reports on industry news, or finds unexpected tie-ins with popular news items.

For example few blog posts ideas:

a- Bots Are The New Apps, Voice Is The User Interface, AI Is The Protocol And Messaging Apps Are The Browsers
b- Google said to be planning a new messaging app that’ll let you text a chatbot

More like latest, hot news. These spread like viral.

Once you're done reading the blog post, you can market your blog posts using Reddit platform.

6- Infographics/SlideShares:

Blog posts that primarily use visual content to tell a story.

a- Top 10 Apps for Instant Messaging (Infographic)

Infographics that are meant for content marketing strategy, have the desired product's landing page link at the footer. As infographics go viral (easily shared thousands of times), they are a free way to kick start word of mouth marketing.

A How-to Post

A How to post, as the name suggests is a tutorial style post that solves a certain problem in your niche. How-to posts are generally step by step guide to achieve a certain goal and a good example would be for a guy who writes on guitar training:

"How to tune your guitar like a master"

BUT, before you plan on writing on a particular topic, make sure you do your research thoroughly for the most search keywords involved in that string search in Google.

The image you spend 6 hours writing a great comprehensive tutorial and put the title a bit to what people are searching for. A small keyword variation in the post title can make a huge difference in the traffic you would expect to achieve.

So be smart in that regard. Figure out the best copy of the post title you need to add to your how-to post.

Top List Post Without Consent

These are those typical Top-list posts that you decide to create for example "Top 50 Heaviest Dog Breeds on Planet" or "87 Fastest Growing Plants" etc.

You see, the major 'wow' factor for these posts are the attracting post titles that you can miss out. They just draws you in.

How many times you visit and you end up reading hundreds of posts on top celebrities. These are the posts that you can share on your social media profiles and get considerable attention from your fan base.

top list posts

Quick Tip: 

For Top list posts, I have noticed 2 things that work pretty well and you should definitely implement these too.

1- Always create a bigger and better Top-list for a certain topic that what already exists in Google. If you want to write about Creepiest April Fool Prank, first search in Google and see what is the best content out there.

Then Beat that right away by publishing a bigger and higher quality post. Trust me, Google will pick it up the very next day.

 This is why these big brands always publish massive/huge Top list articles so that it's hard to beat that huge of a content for an ordinary writer/blogger.

Remember this: "If you can't beat the best content out there, Don't bother creating your own version.

This is what I have noticed. All of my posts that were not the best ones out there, all went to drain like scrap. They don't even give a tiny bit of traffic. Even though the content was pretty good. Why, because Google just brings the 'best version of content' to the web search. Period.

Now Market These Posts Once Done...

Once you're done writing these posts, make sure you don't sit idle after publishing these and actually push these to your social media profiles frequently.

By 'Frequently' I mean, publish it on Facebook 2-3 times a week, (schedule them in advance on popular days like Monday -  Thursday), and keep pushing it to Twitter at least 1-2 times a day if not more.

Some times if your audience on Twitter are following less people, then it might get annoying to see the same content more than 3-5 times. So just make a equilibrium between 1-2 times a day.

Make sure you Pin the images on Pinterest too.

Though these marketing tips aren't in the scope of this post and is a huge topic it's self, I would say just make sure that readers can easily share your top-list post on social media too.

Once the post is done publishing, you can promote them using these top platforms that work pretty great to drive instant traffic to your blog.

Top List Post With Consent

Such posts happen to bring massive traffic via social media due to the fact that the people mentioned in the post would appreciate them being added to the list and would promote the post too.

As every body likes free press, imagine if somebody would interview you as a blogger and publish a post. Won't you share it with your friends and family?

So, keep these posts to your priority list and publish 3-4 of these per week for your blog. Remember, the more quality stuff you would provide to your readers, the more they would come back.

This is proven!...

The more I personally write on BloggingeHow, the more traffic unlike on our other fellow writers on the blog. Why? It's not that their content ain't great, it's the fact that your audience tend to get attached with you as appreciates your content more.

An example of top list posts with consent would be:

"50 Greatest Quotes by Bloggers"

Now imagine, you contact these top names in the industry and ask for their quotes. Honestly tell them that you're publishing a post that they would be included in.

They would be more than happy and honored to provide you with their quote, and are most likely to share it in their social circle.

Imagine a top blogger tweeting your posts to his 25k twitter follower and getting 5k re- tweets? How sweet would that be?

EPIC it would be buddy!...

My Advice For You

There is one last final advice I have for you and is indeed one of the things I regret to some extent. When you're new to blogging, you tend to accept guest posts to increase your posting frequency and generate more content for your readers.

Did you too? 

Well, if you do happen to accept them, make sure that these guest authors aren't deteriorating the 'standard' created by you your self. As you would be most loyal to your brand value, you are the only one who would publish the best content, and no one else will.

So my advice would be to create a high benchmark for the guest post you accept on your blog so that the quality doesn't get affected.

Schedule - How To Take Action?

As they say, Wisdom without action is Nil, so make sure you start working on these tips for your blog. You'll only start getting traffic if you ask your self daily,

"what value did I add to my brand and readers today?"

I would recommend you to publish:

  • 2-3 Top List posts with Consent in a Week
  • 1-2 General Top List posts
  • 2-3 How-tos
  • 1 Interview of a leading figure in your niche.

That's pretty much it guys, I hope this post helped you out. I would love to get feedback on your results in the comment below. Let me know what other strategies you would implement to increase your traffic?

Looking forward. Peace.