Top 9 Steps You Need To Take For Your Brand New Blog

Top 9 Steps You Need To Take For Your Brand New Blog

If you are here from our how to start a blog page and got motivated to start out with your own blog, now you have enough energy to pass on the first barrier of starting out a blog, you need to consider a few of these important steps for your brand new blog.

 Task #1 Get SEO Friendly Domain

The first thing you need to make sure that you are on the right path is to get an SEO friendly domain name for your blog.

No worries if you already purchased a domain name, you can make your URLs SEO-friendly.

SEO friendly domains/urls can do wonders in search engine optimization. Carry on research in Ubersuggest or SEMrush tools for keyword research and find a perfect match for yourself (you can find perfect topics and thus will be able to SEOptimize your content).

Task #2 Great Looking Theme/Template

I wanted to cover this topic in a separate post so here I would give brief importance of having a professional-looking template and what it can do to increase your blog traffic.

When a visitor reaches out to your blog, the first thing that attracts him towards staying a minute more is your blog design and layout that can be easily achieved by installing a clean and fast theme.

The first impression is the last impression, make it count.

Task #3 Social Media Support

Make sure that your blog has social media support to its maximum. By social media, you can consider Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

Top 9 Steps You Need To Take For Your Brand New Blog

Place a Facebook like box and social media subscription buttons at your sidebar, the best places for placing Facebook like box is on the top of sidebar and just after blog post footer. Some people also put them around header of navigation bars.

Take a look at 35 Great Looking Website Header Designs.

Task #4 Below Post Setup

Setting out widgets below your blog posts (just like after this one) is extremely important as they play an important part in the call to action. Call to action is extremely important in increasing your blog's user activity.

The widgets after the post would show up your overall blogging aim.

Top 9 Steps You Need To Take For Your Brand New Blog

For Affiliate Marketers

Some people give more importance to Affiliate marketing, and thus for that purpose, they need to increase their email subscribers. As they say:

Money is in the list

For Social Media Engagement

So you would notice, email subscription options just after their blog posts. On the other hand, people like to increase their social media engagement and thus they use Facebook like widgets or Twitter follow buttons.

For Guest Blogging Awareness

Many blogs like to add 'About the author' widget below their blog posts. The widget would give a brief bio of the writer, plus it would lead the reader to the 'Guest Blogging' page, which would further attract the reader to serve his skills as a guest author.

Just make sure that your blog post footer shows up your mind and your blogging strategy. As the read pauses after reading the entire post, you need to make sure that you direct him to the path 'you want'.

Task #5 Famous Commenting System

Commenting system plays a great role in your blog overall comments activity. If you are working out with WordPress, then you DON'T need to worry about this one as most of the WordPress templates have pretty great commenting system.

But in case you wish to jump on a custom commenting system, I would recommend Commentluv.

Disqus allows users to add images in the comments, so that way they could better express themselves or work out any problems effectively. It has a great moderating system and Top Commentators widget too.

Top 9 Steps You Need To Take For Your Brand New Blog

Task #6 Setup A Posting Schedule

Top 9 Steps You Need To Take For Your Brand New Blog

We all know the importance of time management and working out the best blog posting frequency. Once you have the blog, the most important thing you should work on is to start building content. By content, I mean articles (posts).

Plan your time and make sure that you build up enough commitment that you could post articles regularly for your blog.

Task #7 Facebook Popup Likebox

Many people don't consider using popup style Facebook pop form. Normally pop up forms and flashing ads give out a negative impression of a blog to the reader. But if you're working hard with your blog design and content, than i must say it can play a great role in your social media campaign.

Pop light box style Facebook like boxes increase the fan base with a great rate comparing to the widget being placed in the sidebar or blog post footer.

Task #8 Make an eBook Instantly

I wanted to cover this topic (its a huge one) in depth but for now, i felt important to mention it out here. Many top bloggers regret, that they should have started out their email subscribers campaign right from the start of their blogging career.

Top 9 Steps You Need To Take For Your Brand New Blog

We know, the bigger your email list, the more money you earn from affiliate marketing. Though their are strategies and right steps involved, but that's how most of the famous bloggers are making their living.

So make sure you work out on an eBook for your blog, and use popup style email subscriber boxes to increase your subscriber gathering rates right from the start.

Task #9 DON'T Forget Your About US Page

Many people often don't pay attention to their About Us pages. You can see 8 Best About Us Pages Online to workout your own one. As per statistics, 'About us' pages are one of the most famous landing pages for any blog.

People like to know about the author and the face behind the text they read. So its too important that you build out a loving relationship with your readers and present your true mind with your About Us page.

So that's all. I hope you are better equipped to jump off and be practical with these few tips to skyrocket your blog's success.