How Often Should You Blog? [Posting Frequency Guide]

How Often Should You Blog Post? [Posting Frequency Guide]

Many blogging beginners stuck to a point where they doubt the number of articles they should post, i.e the blog posting frequency. To me, i don't really think that there is something like "The best" posting frequency. Instead it actually depends upon the type of blog that you're running.

It is very wise of you that you considered this topic in your early blogging career, as this should be something a blogger needs to be very clear about. Blogging success is majorly being about consistent in what ever posting frequency you set out for your self. Its the matter of giving out a valuable content to the readers, when they expect it to come.

Posting out 10 articles a day and then leaving out blog deserted for the entire month would waste your efforts and hurt your blog credibility too. So the ultimate decision would be yours. By the help of this article, i would try to make it easy for you to decide a suitable posting frequency that would build up your credibility and drive traffic like wise too.

There are different approaches to blog posting frequency. You could either post long, in depth articles of around (5000 words) that would give out a complete solution to the topic that they cover, once a day (as what i try to achieve here at BloggingeHow), or posting out short 400-500 words articles with a greater post frequency (may be 2-3 articles daily).

Again this is for the maximum results.

Post a Lot More If Your Blog Lay In This Category

If your blog is tech related, that posts recent news and gadgets coming around every other day, than you may consider posting several times a day, with short and precise articles (300-400 words). As with such cases, the readers tend to read the latest news and gadgets rolling in, and thus short articles do the justice to the audience expectations.

What Is The Best Blog Posting Frequency?

Post Less, In-Depth Articles If Your Blog Lay In This Category

On the other hand, say your blog is related to medical tips that would post articles, suggesting ways to live a healthy life, then posting out a single article daily, or every other day would be perfect too.

So it all depends upon your niche that you're working in.

Posting Frequency Rule Of Thumb

In the early days of your blogging career, you aim to attract more and more visitors and that would be possible through search engine traffic. The more gateway that are in favor of you i.e every post that you publish serves are a door-way towards your blog, and thus drives traffic. The more roots you have in search engines, the more traffic you would get.

creative writing

The Ultimate technique that we all aim to achieve is posting 'quality' articles frequently as per visitors expectations.

When you post 1-3 articles daily, visitors make it a part of their routine to visit your blog daily, may be after morning tea (when they are in office or when ever in their daily life style). Its becomes part of their entertainment. Just make sure you don't disappoint them.

How Posting Less Works Great As Well?

See, every strategy has its pros and cons. Posting more would not allow you to write in depth articles (and thus their chances to become viral in social media becomes less) and on the hand, posting less, but long detailed posts would have a better chance to be shared among the people and it may bring in viral traffic.

You may find your article securing first page on directories. So both ways work, but its you who have to figure it out, what suites your blog audience best.

Advantages Of Posting Articles Frequently (Greater than 1 articles daily)

  1. Posts are less time consuming
  2. Bring in daily routine traffic (becomes part of a visitors daily routine)
  3. Encourages more comments
  4. Enhances more visitors engagement in your blog overall.
  5. Builds up a lively community (readers leave comments on blog that are updated frequently as per studies)

Advantages Of Posting Less-But Detailed Articles (Approx Once a week)

  1. Posts are likely to become viral as they serve a complete purpose
  2. Detailed posts often secure top positions in SERP (search engine results page)
  3. More time to concentrate on other blogging issues
  4. Becomes easy to be consistent with a single post in a week.

So What Should You Finally Do?

What Is The Best Blog Posting Frequency?

Simply think what would serve best to your audience. If you would be in their place, what would you expect from your blog to be served. Would you be happy reading short, but more frequent articles that comes in daily?

Do you prefer reading short brief articles than the long detailed ones? Answer these questions and decide.

Why I Choose Posting Around 1, detailed Article Daily?

The reason is simple as explained above. I feel like writing on a single topic in detail that serves and do justice to a particular message that i wish to communicate. Like, in the case of this post. I felt like giving out my thoughts on post frequency, and for that, i had to write a detailed post that would touch every aspect of the topic.

And posting not more than 1 is because thats the best i can manage in my student life. It gets difficult to work out 2-3 hours from a day where you have other things going around in your life.

So i hope you got the idea and it has become easy for you to decide for your self the "right" posting frequency, that would help you become a successful blogger.