We may set our goals high enough but only a productive day would make us achieve those goals with the least amount of energy to put in. The more productive we make our self as a writer, the more targeted articles we could complete in a given set of time and these productivity tips for writers that I am going to share with you will help you a lot.

Productivity is the name of killing out distractions. And that’s it. If you don’t get disturbed with the environment around, I would say, congratulations!

The following productivity tips would make you spend less time and achieve more in a given set of time. Every tip below is easily achievable, but the only thing that we need is a positive mind with the aim to succeed. Once you’re sincere with your self, no one can stop you from touching the skies! Believe in your self.

For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I’m surprised where the journey takes me.

Jack Dann

Lets start:

Productivity Tips 1# Set Out An Aim For The Day

Easy. Just think over the amount of articles that you aim to write in a given day. This depends on every individual and the level of commitment in his daily life for other responsibilities to work on with.

Say you’re a student like me, who goes out to university from 8am to 4 pm.

Effective Productivity Tips For Writers

In my case, i plan to write 1-2 articles daily. To make my day productive, i utilized the breaks between my lectures. By the end of the day, when i head towards home, i have already completed one of the articles.

The next one comes out later in the night, when i feel peaceful. The routine may change but the aim to achieve a set goal doesn’t.

Productivity Tips 2# Start Research Instantly

The first thing that I start over with is research work on a particular topic that I wish to write upon.

I often visit blogs (my hobby) and I get ideas for my daily writing material. Readout what others have to say about the given topic.

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

Combine those thoughts with your own experience and give it out a nice flow in your own style. The emphasis of this point is to carry out research before you start writing on.

Once you know what you need to talk about and what points you should be considering in the post, the rest gets extremely easy and becomes the matter of typing skills that you have.

Productivity Tips 3# Learn Typing!- Crucial For Writers

Not many people talk about this but to me, its one of the most crucial elements in making out your day productive.

I still remember the time when it uses to take an entire hour for me to type in just a couple of sentences. I used to come to a point where I could even swear that a particular alphabet is not in the entire keyboard! Then finally it was like, “There you are!”

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

For this matter, I would recommend Typing Test. They really help me out in achieving a decent typing speed that I have today. Once you get the feel of the placement of the characters and your fingers start accessing the right points, then after that, its just about practice. Always write, even the smallest user name in the proper finger placement fashion.

That helped me a lot!

Productivity Tips 4# Destroy All The Distractions

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

The worst distractions that i have to face while typing in my thoughts, or even while research time, are other ‘attractive’ articles around. I love reading articles. Greatly worked out blog post titles attract me like anything, and i often tend to start reading them.

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Focusing on what we do is the most important part. The moment you feel like you’re getting out of the track, pull your self back! Apart from that, restrict your self from using any social media sites, or simply anything online that distracts you away from the writing goal.

Productivity Tips 5# Find Your Self a Peace full Place

Its too important! Make sure you don’t lie in a place where you even forget your last sentence that you thought of to write. Many people face this problem due to childrens around. Get into a separate room where you can concentrate on your writing task.

Think of it as a meditation time. Maintain no connection with the world.

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

Productivity Tips 6# Put Your Cellphone On Silent

Cheap messaging rates have their draw backs! What more could you expect with a SMS package that gives you 700 free messages with 8 Rs/- or 0.05$ !

Friends wont let you live a life of peace. So i make sure that my cellphone is on silent mode and i wont reply to any before my writing aim is complete.

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

Productivity Tips 7# Standing Table Desk Are Preferred

While we think of choosing a peaceful place, with the comforts of life, you would often find your self in a situation something similar to this.

So for this purpose, many people recommend working out with a standing computer stand where you feel like you’re at the mission, the entire time.

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

Productivity Tips 8# Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks in between what i do, works the best for me. Say i complete researching out the material that i have to write upon, i would often take a round at my house, eat things around and come back with in 5 minutes or so.

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

You don’t want to linger it on too much as that would disturb your workflow. The more work you do, the more breaks you would be needing.

It depends on every individual. Many people feel more productive in working out in a single go, with the first break coming up once they have completed their major task. Like after the first article completion.

Find out what works for you best.

Productivity Tips 9# Write First-Edit Later

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

This is one of mistakes that many beginners do, is that they aim to write the perfect material in the first go. That would not happen or it would take years to do so. An interesting article would maintain its flow and rhythm and you cant afford to break that.

Its the matter of word revelation that takes place once you are in momentum for typing. Keep the words flowing and write in your natural style. Minor spelling mistakes, or even structure enhancements can be done once you have the content written out.

Editing must be done at the end.

Productivity Tips 10# Be Clear About The Time To Be Spent

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

Time management is another philosophy that many of us fail to implement in our daily lives. Evey single successful personalities we know today had a respect for time. Make sure you know the rough amount of time that you need to spend on a particular task.

When i start researching out for my articles, i aim to complete it with in 30 minutes or so. That helps me start out with my actual typing after the deadline. Things floating in air without aims wont take us any where. We would find our self packed in an ever ending loop.

Productivity Tips 11#  Commitment- The Tool Of Leaders

Nothing can be achieved without commitment. You may write 10 articles today, but then loose hope after that. Stay committed to your daily goals. Make sure you don’t get up or get distracted before you complete your article.

Anything that seems fancy in between is just the devil- Spit over it!

Productivity Tips 12#  Reading Out Success Stories

Reading out success stories and the way leaders make their life productive would help you out being committed to what you do. We all need that extra bit of pull and that is motivation.

12 Effective Productivity Tips For Writers That You Dont Follow

So that’s all my friends. All we could do is to think positively and find solutions of our problems. You know your problems, that is the lack of productivity. And you were hear to find a solution for it. You have the motivation with you.

Just need to implement it now. Good luck in utilizing your time in the best of your skills.

Which of these productivity tips do you follow?

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