5 Different Types of CTA To Increase Blog Traffic

5 Different Types of CTA To Increase Blog Traffic

I never had a post where I would have put 5 Different Types of 'Call To Action' To Increase Blog Traffic together the major types of call to action that people could apply to their blogs so to increase their blog traffic. 'Call to action' as the phrase suggests is basically your approach that makes your readers more engaged in your blog content.

Whenever a reader finishes reading a particular post on your blog, he would stop for an instant to search for his next move. That is the time that you need a call to action to make him do 'what you want'.

Why Is 'Call To Action' So Important?

Your aim is to increase your blog traffic, right? One of the way is to maximize your overall visitors to your blog from search engines or social media. Or you could make the readers more engaged into your content so that you would increase your page views per visitor. That would ultimately increase your ad impressions. So its a plus overall.

5 Different Types of 'Call To Action' To Increase Blog Traffic

So the entire aim of this post is to point out those ways, where we can channel the reader to something that 'we want' once he is done reading your blog post.

These top 5 examples of call to action for your blog will help you do it beautifully. So the major changes (design + links etc) would be made to the post footer area.

Call To Action #1 Email Subscription Form

5 Different Types of 'Call To Action' To Increase Blog Traffic

Making your readers subscribe through the email subscription form is like taking their addresses. So even if the reader doesn't come by your blog again to read the articles, you could still contact them via blog posts feed so that they later come by your blog to read the latest posts.

So for this purpose, you could attach an email subscription form below your blog posts. It would be even better if you could manage your own eBook or other types of FREE courses that would work as a bribe for the subscriber.

Giving out something 'valuable' for FREE always boosts up the email subscribers immensely.

Call To Action #2 Facebook Fan Like Box

Social media is greatly important in making your blog authority. Especially in the year 2020, where Google+ is no more and TikTok is taking off, it's too important to make sure that your blog is in line with each and every popular social media platform out there. The most important being Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

We have used the Facebook Fan page here at BloggingEhow below the blog post and it has worked great. To be precise, most of our fans come from this Facebook Like box.

When the reader would end up reading the post, the chances of him liking the blog on Facebook are great. So its one of the most important 'Call to Action' techniques around.

Call To Action #3 Social Media Share Buttons

Another great way to increase your blog traffic through 'call to action' is by using social media share buttons below your blog posts. When the reader ends up reading the posts, these buttons would give the options to share the posts within the reader's social circles thus bringing in more traffic to you.

Call To Action #4 Tell The Readers To Comment

People wont comment until and unless your posts is something out of the world. Its not an easy job to create a community out of your blog. Sometimes it gets important to remind the readers to leave their ideas and thoughts in the comment section.

5 Different Types of 'Call To Action' To Increase Blog Traffic

Tell them what you want from 'them' after these posts. Ask them to give out their views and if they had something more to add to the content.

Call To Action #5 Related Post Widget

A must-have. Related post widget is one of the best ways to increase your blog's page views per visit thus decreasing the bounce rate. Though it doesn't work like inter post linking (manually, that is a vital part of inbound SEO) but its basically used to increase activity.

5 Different Types of 'Call To Action' To Increase Blog Traffic

The following two are related posts and recent post widgets that can be used as a call to action at your blog post footer.

Do you want to add any other type of 'Call To Action' that you think works great to increase blog traffic and fans' interactivity? I would love to hear from you.