How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

A couple of days back I realized that I hardly did a post about increasing blog traffic directly. Though there are so many other previous posts that revolve around the same idea of blog growth, I believe it would be a better way to sum them up here with a little experience share with you guys.

I would be showing up BloggingeHow's Traffic progress that I made out in 3 months period. Though I won't be sharing any figures, as I don't think of them as appreciable.

 The whole idea of sharing the graph with you guys is so to make you more motivated and to make you believe, that if you work hard and focus on building content, Google would bless you with huge Traffic.

How I Managed Such Traffic Rise?

How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

I hardly did anything to be straight. It was you guys who supported me to get through such results. I simply tried to focus on creating content (that i would like to read).

I wrote, what I loved to read my self.

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How Could You Generate Traffic For Your Blog Fast?

Its easy, I must say. Easy in the sense that if you love what you do, you would feel it as the easiest job ever in your life. I could write straight 10 hours for the blog (cause I love being social and love to get a response in return to what I try to give to the community).

Thats it! Motivation and the passion to do something is the major driving force behind your blog Traffic. Ask your self? Do you want to carry on with blogging just cause somebody refered to you? Or is it really your dream to do so?

The rest is all about techniques and putting your idea by practical means.

9 MAJOR Ways To INCREASE Your Website / Blog Traffic Like A ROCKET?

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How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

Though i have talked about the following points in different posts in detail, i would like to mention them in a list form here. For further detail for any particular Traffic increasing tip, you could refer to the posts linked along them.

1. Post Articles Consistently

If your niche is around business, entertainment or fashion, you need to publish a several posts every day and if you are blogging about how to fry an egg, one post per month will be enough.

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2. Proper SEO (ON and OFF page search engine optimization)

The articles below sum up the entire 'SEO thing' for your blog. The most important being Meta Tags (blog title, keywords, description, inter post linking, guest posting etc)

3. Be Patient And Traffic Would Along

This is one of the many common Blogging Mistakes that kill a blog. You would feel like you're wasting your time, but there would come a breaking point when your blog's traffic would skyrocket. That's when you're articles start to get noticed by search engines.

4. DON'T Get Demotivated In The Traffic Variations

 Traffic variations was one of the factors that demotivated me along my blogging road. We all know that we wont get a straight graph for the traffic rise. There are always those odd days when the traffic is down. Some times it even gets to 50% of the average traffic that you get!

How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

Specially on weekends. The traffic is dead low. Though it would vary for every other blog but that's the trend that some times demotivates a blogger. But again, as the traffic rise is 'exponential', you would always get to see those 'GREAT' moments when there would be a sudden in flow of traffic.

So the key is that be focused and don't get demotivated by the traffic variations.

5. Great Blog Design

Blog design is all about the first impression. I collected a couple of great blog headers and footer designs in the posts below. You can compare your blog with them and get ideas for your own one.

Blog design is one of the common blogging mistakes that is talked by almost every professional blogger and website designer.

6. Social Media Presence

Growing your blog through social media (Facebook, Twitter and Medium, Reddit etc) is a vital Traffic building strategy. Though the first aim of a blogger is to generate traffic through search engines, but as the search engines are getting smarter, they have started to integrate social sharing in the search engine rankings.

How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

The more content is liked by people in social media, the more value it holds in the eyes of search engines, especially Google.

7. Increase Email Subscribers As Fast As You Can

When the reader lands on your blog from search engine for the first time, you could capture him as a email subscriber in your list. Then even if he doest visit your blog frequently, you could still send him the articles (short brief snippets, till jump break) so that he would come by your blog again to read the remaining post.

How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

In that way, you build up your own permanent readership and you no longer remain dependent upon search engines to send you traffic. So the best idea for that purpose is to come up with your own 'eBook', video series, lists of posts, podcast etc.

Give them as a bribe to the visitor and note down their email address in return.

8. Build a community (Answer all comments, encourage them for more)

Simple, the more you would participate with in your own community, the more it would grow. The commentator would get encouraged if they get the response fast by the blog author or administrator.

That would make them comment each time you write something new.

How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 16% In 3 Months

Thus increasing the traffic.

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9. Use Quora

Quora is not just another question and answer website, it is a separate platform with awesome users and great audience. People go there to ask their awesome questions and the experts try to answer them as best as they can. Mostly the answers do the trick and help the person who is asking a particular question more than what Google shows to our search terms.

As people search for answers on Quora and Google is also recommending Quora pages for millions of questions, we can easily get some extra traffic by answering (relative to our niche) questions and inserting our blog post links at the end of each answer and ask the reader to visit our blog posts for a detailed answer.

That's how I generate a pretty much social media or you can say referral traffic from Quora alone.

So yeah! that's pretty much the main points that I followed strictly for the 3 months period and hell yeah! They WORK!.

Hope to listen good news from you guys.

What I Want From You Now?

Leave out a comment, mentioning your blog URL and share for how long you have been blogging and if you are getting any rise in the traffic or not. Which of these points do your blog lack at? Any other Traffic Increasing point you would like to mention?

Need response guys!