3 Tips To Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank By 200K In 1 Month

3 Tips To Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank By 200K In 1 Month

There are a couple of guides that would tell us about improving Alexa rank by installing Alexa toolbar, their badge, and telling visitors to start getting their hands on Alexa toolbar too.

Would they really tell you about the post frequency and post timings? I thought I would share my little experience over-improving Alexa rank in a short period of time.

First let me give a brief overview about Alexa its self and then we'll move on.

What is Alexa?

2 Tips To Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank By 2 Lakh In 1 Month

Its basically a website that monitors traffic inflows of websites around the world. They have their own grading scale. The lower the Alexa rank, the better it is. Advertisers normally pay attention to the Alexa rank of a particular website they aim to advertise upon.

So its important in that aspect too.

What Is Considered To Be A Good Alexa Rank?

In general, the lower it is, the better. But still, figures are often enticing to us. I often go through the BuySellAds market place and take a look at the website metrics and the ads pricing ranges too.

I have often seen many sites with Alexa greater than 1 lakh that are making more than 100$/month. This can be due to various factors. Their original traffic (impressions) and social media presence etc.

 So people first set a mark to get their blogs below 1 lakh mark. But to make a note here, what i consider a good Alexa rank would probably be something below 50k mark. That's where a website actually starts getting an inflow of advertisers. Again its random and to give a general idea of a good Alexa rank.

How To Improve Alexa Rank?

Alexa.com basically notes down the number of visitors and page views that a website receives that is registered by the 'Alexa toolbar' only. The more Alexa toolbar enabled visitors come by your blog, the better it is for you.

But that's something not really in  our control, or is it? We can keep on asking our visitors to start using Alexa so that 'our' rank would get improved.

So what can we do, so that we could drop down our Alexa rank as fast as we could? Its all about post frequency and post timings. I cant add more stress to their importance than you would experience it by your self.

1. Post Frequency

The more frequently you would update your blog, the faster you drop your Alexa rank. Updating your blog more often (one or more than one times a day) increases your overall traffic and thus that Alexa rank improves likewise too.

But again make sure, that when we talk about updating a blog, it's not about simply throwing out a post with no consideration of quality.

Make sure that your post provides value to the reader (he gets something new when, or maybe even the same information but with your personal experience involved), with proper search engine optimization done. Thus you would increase your traffic considerably within 3-6 months period.

2. Post Publishing Timings

Hell important to consider. In the previous month, i kept on posting frequently, but didn't considered post timings as per my Alexa improvement strategy. Guess What? Though the traffic was increasing exponentially, the Alexa rank kept on increasing (getting worst) day by day.

3 Tips To Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank By 2 Lakh In 1 Month

It was time to re-plan my post timings strategy. The very next day, as you all experienced, I published the post at 12am (Pakistan standard time), which makes 2pm at the US (where most of our traffic comes from). This is often the time when most of the people are active and bound to come by your blog.

And then? The Alexa started dropping thousands of figures down (the higher the Alexa, the easier to it is to drop big figures). That marked the day. Then posting out frequently, on the 'right' time, started working out perfectly and at roughly after 2 months, I founded that I already had dropped 200K along the way.

So the point is, that post frequency is the base line, but neglecting post publishing timings isn't a great idea too.

3. Generate Traffic

Don't forget that having some traffic could really help you in improving your Blog's Alexa rank as it gives Alexa bots (alexa ranking system) to update your rankings on a daily basis.

In my experiment with an entertainment niche blog, the more social media and referral traffic we get, our alexa rank improves and that's the beauty.

All you have to do is just share your latest articles on your social media profiles and in relative groups, ask them to visit your informative or entertaining blog posts and that's it.

I hope this little experience share of mine, would help you out a 'profitable publishing' timings for your blog that would improve your Alexa rank like a rocket.

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