For blogs that hold multiple authors, it gets very important to install great looking Author Bio Box that features a short author’s biodata with their social media profile links and a charming headshot of them.

And to note, WordPress, as always is great at such plugins below we have compiled a list of 20+ best author bio boxes/plugins for Wodpress that you can install for your WP-powered blogs and take them to another level for free.

Note: Click on the images below to visit their respective WordPress directory listing to download the plugins or to get through their installation instructions.

New List of WP Author Bio Box Plugins:

Here’s our latest and newly added (updated) list for WP bio boxes.

1. ProfileGrid


2. Author Bio Box

1. Author Bio Box

3. Ultimate Author Box Lite

Ultimate Author Box Lite

4. WP Post Author

WP Post Author

Above four Wp plugins are the today’s best wordpress plugins for adding an author bio box underneath every blog post (article).

Old List of WP Author Bio Plugins:

The list you can see below for WordPress bio boxes is an old list and rarely updated.

#1 Social Author Bio

Social Author Bio

#2 Author Bio Widget

Author Bio Widget

#3 Author Bio Reloaded

Author Bio Reloaded

#4 Advanced Author Bio

Advanced Author Bio

#5 Just Another Author Information Widget

Just Another Author Information Widget

#6 Post Author

Post Author

#7 Cool Author Box

Cool Author Box

#8 WordPress Biographia

WordPress Biographia

#9 WP Author Bio

WP Author Bio

#10 Author Bio Box

Author Bio Box

#11 Better Author Bio

Better Author Bio

#12  Easy Author Box

Easy Author Box

#13 Fancier Author Box

Fancier Author Box

#14 XPandable Author Tab

#15 About The Author Advanced

About The Author Advanced

#16 Author Box After Post

uthor Box After Post

#17 Custom About Author

Custom About Author

#18 Author Sure

Author Sure

That’s all for now.

If you need any kind of help installing these wordpress author bio box plugins, we are here to help you.


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