4 Tips for Choosing the Best Blog Post Title for Better SEO

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Blog Post Title for Better SEO

Choosing the best blog post titles for your blog, to rank better in search engine results can be a daunting task for many.

We often don't give much importance to the post title, which plays a vital role in making out the search engine results for generating organic traffic.

The traffic through a particular blog post is determined by its search engine ranking. If our post lies on the first page of the search engines, only then we could expect a decent amount of organic traffic. To be more precise, people often click the first 3-4 links shown in the search results. So choosing the most optimized post title is very important.

So let's consider a few SEO tips that could help us make the 'Best' post title that could fight among the heavy competition out there for each keyword.

Tip 1: Focus On The Content Topic

To write out the best title, its obvious that you should be clear about the subject that you are going to write in. Many people like to write the title after they have completed the post so that they could cover out the entire idea within a few golden words.

In my case, i sketch out the post title (fully optimized) and make minor changes at the end, only if i feel like doing so. Its depends on you. Just make sure that you end up with something productive at the end that would have the attributes of the best blog post title, that we are going to mention later in the post.

Tip 2: Search For The Same Topic In Google

This proves to be most helpful. Anything that you wish to write upon is always (or in most cases) tried out by some other writer, in some similar way. Notice closely what you searched, and which post titles are making out the first 3 positions. Note down the keywords they have used with yourself.

Tip 3: Use Google Keyword Tool For Those Search Keywords

Now search those noted keywords in Google Keyword Tool. For example, notice the title of this particular post. The main keyword that I focused on is "Blog Post Title". So that you may get to know about the relevant traffic for a keyword. Now you could decide among the 2-3 different keywords that you may have noticed in top queries in search engine results (that you noted earlier).

Personally, I don't carry out this part most of the time, as Google search results give enough of information to come up with great post titles that fully search engine optimized (SEO).

Tip 4: Come Up With A Short Title Finally

Now that you know what keywords to target in the post title, you can sum the entire idea in few words no more than 66 characters in an all. Google wont show up sentences comprising of more than 70 words. Make sure you consider that strongly!

The shorter the post title, the better it is for SEO. People like to read short, but to the point information.

Attributes Of 'Best' Blog Post Title?

There are some set rules for creating a best blog post title and you can read about them right below:

  1. As Short As possible
  2. Keyword Rich
  3. Enticing For Reader
  4. May Have Call To Action
  5. Makes The Reader Think
  6. Forces The Reader To Click (Example: " Why Your Blog Is Failing To Make Any Money? " makes the reader click the post, no matter what!

If you can follow these simple steps, you can easily make an eye catchy and SEOptimized blog post title.

Use Blog Post Title Generators (bonus tips)

Several SEO tools that are coded to generate hundreds of unique and wonderful blog post titles can really do the trick and here are some of them:

These are the best SEO blog post title generator tools that you can use online to bring more power to your brainstorming and keyword research for finding more and more attractive, worthy and unique post title ideas.


That's about it! It's not much of a rocket science though. It just requires a little bit of the basic idea of how things work. I figured this technique by common sense and a little passion that I have for blogging 🙂

It works like a charm and so i would suggest to you guys too. Hope to see your blog posts shining out in the search engine results.

Do You Use Any Of These Tips For Spicing Up Your Blog Post Title?