5 Blogger Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Number of Subscribers

5 Blogger Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Number of Subscribers

Perhaps you're blogging for business or you're an independent blogger wanting some income for your writing. Whatever role you're in, you're not going to get anywhere without a marketing strategy.

Writing several blog posts for the sake of content on you're site is definitely important. But once that's handled, it's time to get some serious blogger marketing going.

That said, it's understandable to find marketing a little daunting at the start. It's especially hard if you don't know how to market a blog. So to make things easier,  here are five blogger marketing strategies to gain subscribers.

1. Social Media Marketing For Bloggers

A mistake that bloggers often make is they simply share their blog with the same message on all social media platforms. That isn't going to work. You need to adjust your message so it is fitting for each platform and it's demographic.

Regular sharing and posting will work on Facebook and LinkedIn. A tweet to the link with a short message is good for Twitter. Use images in the tweet to draw attention and increase the likelihood of retweets.

How you share your blog will carry across different platforms. Have a strategy for each.

2. Email Marketing For Bloggers

The best email marketing for bloggers comes in the form of an email list or a newsletter subscription option. This allows your subscribers to receive anything from special offers, early access to content, or exclusive content. Your subscribers are inviting you into their emails, so make sure you give them something worth subscribing to.

3. Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

If you're an independent blogger, you must know how to do affiliate marketing with a blog. This is one of the key ways content creators whose business is their content gain revenue from that content.

Amazon Affiliates is one of the easiest places to begin affiliate marketing as it is easy to sign up and get links. This is a great place to start to build your promotional skills.

4. Power Blogger Marketing

Power bloggers are influential bloggers who write unique content that is informative, inspiring or both. They nail down their niche, they write well and consistently, they build their brand, and they set themselves apart.

All bloggers should be doing power blogger marketing. Your site needs to look professional with a logo, categories, contact information, and a purchased and unique domain name. Readers will take you much more seriously if you have all this and if you consistently publish great content.

5. Use Inbound Marketing Tools

All of this is a lot to manage, so you'll do well to use online inbound marketing software platforms to aid the process. These tools have a range of resources that make marketing your blog much simpler. These include SEO tools with keyword resources, interactive form builders, website analytics, etc.

More Blogger Marketing Resources

Blogger marketing is a challenge when getting started, but it is necessary to see any growth for your subscribe base. Start implementing these marketing strategies and you will start seeing some form of success.

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