7 Reasons Why Your Email Subscribers Are Not Increasing

7 Reasons Why Your Email Subscribers Are Not Increasing

Every blogger takes up some aims in his mind that he wants to achieve in his blogging career. The common aim that most of us share is to build a loyal readership.

When we have that loyal backing, we hope to convert them to subscribers, whether email subscribers, Facebook/Twitter fans, etc.

You would often hear the ‘big’ guys saying:

“Money is in the list”

The power of affiliate marketing is yet to be unleashed by many, including my self. The more the email subscribers that we could manage to have, the more profitable it would prove for us. But again, it’s not just the game of numbers, instead ‘loyal numbers’.

People who are willing to check out any affiliate link that you would tell them to check. That’s the kind of email subscriber list we all aim to achieve. Indeed many fail to do so due to many obvious reasons. Not to get demoralized, there is no rocket science in the process. The entire game is about commitment and hard work.

The  more passion for success you have, easier it gets for you to beat out the competition. Every ‘Pro’ blogger that we know today was obviously a newbie in their early days. How would you know that you got commitment?

You being reading such articles is the fact that you aim to achieve something with your blogging career. So you are all set to go forward and get to know those minor mistakes that we all make, that hinders our subscribers campaign.

Reason 1: Lack Of Traffic

Not to be talked about much, but you would often see more AdSense ads on the blogs that get 20-30 visitors daily. There is no use of speaking out when their is no one to listen to what you have to say. Same is the case with email subscribers.

7 Reasons Why Your Email Subscribers Are Not Increasing

Only a few percent people subscribe in any form to our blogs. And when the traffic is too low in an all, so their is no point to be waiting for email subscribers to come. Its fair ๐Ÿ™‚

So what to do in such a case? Read more onย building trafficย that would earn you respect and equally appreciable worth of money.

Reason 2: Poor Blog Design- Shooting Bounce Rates

Your blog may have good content that is well search engine optimized and bring in great organic traffic from search engines. But whats the use, if you aren’t able to convert those readers into loyal subscribers? The poor blog design may make them run away with in seconds.

In such a case, they wont be giving attention to any of the things you have to offer. So what we have to concentrate on is making out a neat and clean design that is soothing to the eyes and is not just a jumble of flash content, or just pictures randomly placed with ads every where.

That’s just not going to work.

Reason 3: Wrong Sidebar Opt-in Position

Opt ins are extremely crucial to get email subscribers. After all those are the only places that the reader would enter their email IDs to become part of the email subscribers family. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, then you must consider placing the email ID opt ins before anything on the sidebar.

Being it above the fold, would make the impressions more and the chances for opt ins would increase a lot.

Reason 4: No Popup Email Subscriber Forms

Many of the top affiliate marketers, cum bloggers, suggest using pop up lightbox style email subscriber forms. Whenever a reader visits a blog for the first time, the beautiful email subscriber form makes him enter his email IDs (mostly just because of the beautiful design). The first impression is too important in most of the cases.

7 Reasons Why Your Email Subscribers Are Not Increasing

Pop up forms converts extremely well and increases the chances of a person to give out his email address. There are many great email subscription pop up forms in the market. I plan to write about the best ones in coming days. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

Reason 5: Nothing To Offer

Let’s call it a bribe, to be practical. If you don’t have anything to offer, like eBooks, etc then the chances of people joining your email subscribers army are less. Why should they after all waste their time typing in their email IDs?

For that purpose, people often consider offering eBooks with attractive titles as a email subscription giveaway. Readers leave their email IDs to download the eBook that is waiting for them. Such an automatic download system can be made with the help of auto-responder services around.

I too plan for that in coming days. In fact i may compile a comprehensive eBook for beginners that would explain the entire process of eBook building. Stay tuned for that too ๐Ÿ™‚

Reason 6: You Need An Independent eBook Page

This works out perfectly when you wish to refer your eBook to somebody. If you don’t have one, how would you refer to your eBook location on your blog to a new reader?

“That you can download the eBook from the sidebar so and so?”

The best practise is to give out the eBook subscription download page link. Market your eBook their with the best of your skills.

Reason 7: Give Outs For ‘Loyal’ Readers

Plan small give outs, like video tutorials, podcast etc. Any thing that you may manage easily is worth it. Tell the readers that the give out is just for the loyal readers who wish to give out their email IDs, so that the access may be given to the ‘Give Out’ planned.

So that’s pretty much it. If we stick by these points strongly, we would see a massive increase in our subscribers. Again reasonable traffic is the basic check mark to be achieve first.

Any more advise you would like to add to the email subscriber building strategies?

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