25 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords in Tech Niche

25 Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords in Tech Niche

When you're here reading this post, you have quite some knowledge about Google AdSense, a CPC (costs per click) platform. We often start our blogs, create content, build up a readership, and apply for Google Adsense to monetize our efforts.

Next up we realize that our niche or the keywords our blog targets isn't AdSense friendly and thus we end up making only pennies every day that rarely counts to our monthly payments.

The Back end Story

When you implement Google Adsense ads on your blog or other websites, you get paid when some one clicks on the ads displayed on your blog, via a JavaScript that you simply install on your blog. All the advertisers and sponsors comes via Google's platform and you just sit back and hope for your bank statement to blossom.

Though  it's very common that our hopes gets shattered as the rate per click for those ads displayed, are super low (few cents, may 0.2 - 0.3 cents) which is quite demotivating looking forward to the efforts you put in.

Low CPC can be due to the niche you're in, which isn't quite attractive to the advertisers as a whole and they end up offering very less CPC.

What you could do is to plan thoroughly your future blogs and projects in a way that they are AdSense friendly, if that's the income model you wish to apply.

 Even though it's better not to put all eggs in one basket, though if you plan to do so, lets see what options do you have to get something decent out of your niche, which can't be changed now, when  you're several months into blogging.

Choose Niche Wisely - Targeting High Paying AdSense keywords

Currently I've limited this post to just technology niche as many youngsters like to blog about tech stuff. So rather than just starting off a generalized tech blog, as by now you already know how hard it is to raise your voice in this noisy Internetosphere.

Though you can bet on niche that targets on long tail keywords that I have listed below. You could either:

1- Choose 2-3 relevant keywords of your choice among these and construct your blog around them to have higher chances of ranking high.

2- Or if you already have a tech blog, you could start publishing more posts around these keywords so that there would be more profitable ads being displayed on those particular posts.

google adsense approval

SO without further due, let me share these with you.

  1. Information technology colleges in california (216.81$ per click)
  2. free tech support software (197.79$ per click)
  3. wireless technology in business (191.55$ per click)
  4. web based tech support (188.30$ per click)
  5. private cloud technology (155.88$ per click)
  6. virtual call center technology (153.28 per click)
  7. best information technology degrees (145.31 per click)
  8. ms in educational technology (128.89$ per click)
  9. information technology schools in florida (130.66$ per click)
  10. masters in education technology online (126.89$ per click)
  11. master information technology online (112.15$ per click) 
  12. cloud security technologies (104.16$ per click)
  13. samsung voip phones  (66.35$ per click)
  14. apple business software (63.99$ per click)
  15. developing apple apps (54.04 per click)
  16. apple twitter (53.42$ per click)
  17. apple dev ios (51.22$ per click)
  18. digital signature technology (36.97$ per click)
  19. information technology regulatory compliance (36.95$ per click)
  20. renewable energy technology (36.86$ per click)
  21. python performance test (36$ per click)
  22. iphone v s samsung galaxy (36.7$ per click)
  23. samsung galaxy s3 specs cnet (35.52$ per click)
  24. laptop computer samsung (29.84$ per click)
  25. samsung conference call (29.66$ per click)

(I'll keep updating this list so that you would have more options to choose from)

If you think any of your friend might be interested in starting a technology related blog, you could recommend this list to him. I'll be adding digging into Google Adwords to find out more of such high paying tech keywords.

Do let me know if there is any other niche that you would like to explore. I've couple of more popular niches in mind that I'll share in my upcoming posts InshaAllah.

Till next time, take care.