8 Google AdSense Alternatives: HIGH Paying & Easy To Signup

8 Google AdSense Alternatives: HIGH Paying & Easy To Signup

Google AdSense is one of the most lucrative income sources for many bloggers out there. People have made millions of dollars just using Google AdSense on their blogs and videos. Google has paid over a billion dollar last year to its publishers and we still need some Adsense alternatives to help newbies test the online income system.

We all know AdSense is huge BUT what if we get banned or we're not lucky enough to get approved by Google AdSense program?

There is always a hope in life! Everything is possible as there is no dead end for those who work hard and never give up.

 I recently posted this highly motivational Info graphic on BloggingeHow's Facebook page that you can check out. The crux of the story is, never give up and that is exactly why you're here to read this post! I'm proud of you!

This post is dedicated to share the best and highest paying Google AdSense alternatives that you can apply for and utilize on your blog.

Bookmark! I plan on to keep this post up to date with all the latest and highest paying platforms that you can use as an AdSense alternatives. So make sure you bookmark this one. You won't want to miss any of these lucrative platforms <3

This list is in no particular order. Your earning from these platforms will highly depend upon the niche your blog is in. I would recommend you to try out each for 15 days or a month for better data to analyze. Though there is no way I believe that these platforms are more lucrative than Google AdSense, though you'll still make a decent amount with these InshaAllah.

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AdSense Alternative #1 Infolinks

Infolinks is a text based ads platform where their system chooses the appropriate keywords on your blog and blog posts which are then turned into ads.

about infolinks

Each time a user clicks those ads, you get paid as a publisher. Even though I have tried Infolinks in the past and believe their cost per click is fairly low, still as these ads are text based, they get clicked a lot.

I mean really a lot. Far more than Google AdSense ads. You can try them out and see if it works in your niche.

info links stats

They have different forms of ads now like static ads that take over your unused space in the margins of the blog, both on left side and right. Then you can ad fixed text ads just like Google AdSense's text ads.

Also we can install in frame, in tag ads too. Do give it a try.

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AdSense Alternative #2 Media.net

Media.net is a popular contextual ad platform just like Google AdSense, powered by Yahoo! and Bing. I personally tried this platform a while back and was amazed to see their cost per click was super high when I installed the ad codes.

media.net ads

Though soon I saw the earnings were dropping and cost per click dropped too. It was strange. Though I have read a lot about people making decent amounts using Media.net too. If your blog has quality content, you'd see pretty high paying and relevant ads being displayed.

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AdSense Alternative #3 Adversal

Adversal is a CPC (cost per click) ad platform just like Google AdSense which offers a variety of Ad banner sizes. They require the publishers to have at least 50,000 page views per month to get approved. Also, they have a long list of requirements that you can read out before they approve a site.

adversal ad platform

All the payments are made 35 days after the month ends (as per NET35) and you the minimum par to get paid is that you have earned at least 20$.

They offer a couple of cashout options like wire transfer, PayPal, check, ACH. They also pay 20% commissions to the affiliate, so you can signup for that and earn for referring people to their platform too.

You can read out their publisher FAQs and application prerequisites. If you're rejected, you can then again apply after 30 days after improving your blog.

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AdSense Alternative #4 Buysellads

Buysellads is by far the best AdSense alternative I know of. It's super difficult to get approved as they have a tight criteria. This is basically a fixed price banner advertisement platform where you create ad zones on your blog and then your blog is displayed on their marketplace under a certain category.

buysellads adsense alternative

Advertisers from all around the world search for their target category and depending upon the rates that you have set on per month basis, they could buy your ad spot.

Buysellads take 25% of the amount you earn on each ad spot that you sell. We can cash out via wire transfer if our account balance is more than 500$, while for Paypal, I guess we only have to have 25$ earned. They also offer payments via cheque.

If you can get approved by BSA, there is nothing better than that.

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AdSense Alternative #5 VigLink

I haven't personally tried Viglink, but I'm already in love with it! Knowing that the coming was Incubated by Google and the visual aesthetics of it's landing page, I was sold.

VigLink is much like a affiliate link cloaker which scans your blog's keywords and automatically ads affiliate sales links to them. Evey time you would make a sale via those links, you would make a sale!

viglink home

How cool is that? As many link cloakers are only available for WordPress platform and many people on Blogger are left out.

I will definitely try it out as soon as I end up writing this post <3

You can check out a demo of the reports page from the platform.

viglink demo

They have couple of products as shown below.

Viglink Convert: Which changes your blog posts keywords into affiliate links.

viglink convert bloggingehow

Viglink Insert: Which automate the identification and creation of revenue-generating links.

viglink insert

This is what they say:

Simply add one line of code to your site, and VigLink automatically turns existing links on your pages into revenue generating links. VigLink can also insert new links on relevant terms and phrases to capture purchase intent.
Viglinks also works great with forums where it turns the comments and it's keywords into affiliate links.

AdSense Alternative #6 Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a competitor to Viglinks and it converts your blog post keywords into affiliate links just like Viglinks does. You can try out any of these 2 platforms. What's even great is that Skimlinks works with mobile apps too. So you could convert your mobile apps text into affiliate links too and earn on every sale that you would make.

skimlinks bloggingehow

There are over 1 million content creators that work with Skimlinks and it's overwhelming to just land on their website.

The edge we get to use Skimlink is that they have partnered with over 20,000 affiliate programs so that we don't have to signup for each which is a HUGE hassle and nearly impossible.

Also, another awesome feature is that there is hardly any impact on search engine optimization. The links are converted dynamically on run time i.e that users only see the link you have entered manually, while when they click on it, they get to see the affiliate product landing page.

If you're confused, you can checkout their awesome visuals of 'How it works'.

Skimlinks Vs Viglinks? Which To Choose?

If you're confused like me at this point, you can read this great resource on Quora where people have shared their honest reviews about both the platforms.

At this point of time, I feel I'll be going with Skimlinks! 🙂

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Adsense Alternative #7 PropellerAds

Having a solid team behind this network, PropellerAds are continuelly bringing innovation to their platform for different types of advertising solutions like popup ads, push notification ads and banner ads as you know it. They are making changes and launching new features on a routine basis.

With over 1 billion users, they are growing rapidly and offering great services with High demand and supply with huge CPM and CPC rates for countries like UK, Australia, and the USA.

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AdSense Alternative #8 AdClerks

Adclerks is a competitor to Buysellads as it offers fixed rate advertisements. Adclerks is a very old player in the market and has sold thousands of ads.

You can also read these FAQs for publishers to get to know more about the platform.

adengage bloggingehow

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What's Next? 

I'll keep on adding to this list InshaAllah, Make sure you bookmark this list! Also if you think this post was helpful, kindly give it a push by sharing it in social media 🙂 Till next time, Allah hafiz.

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