Top 10 Ways to Skyrocket Earnings from Your Blog

Top 10 Ways to Skyrocket Earnings from Your Blog

If you have a blog, good design, good articles, and a good number of visitors and earning less than expected. Then this post is for you!

Or you are new to blogging and want to get some cash from your little efforts then you will also get some important tips on this article. As we are sharing 10 ways to increase your earnings from your blog and even skyrocket it.

All these points have great effects, I will also explain in details to help you understand.

#1 Proper Ads Selection

First of all, you need to select proper advertisement source for your blog. There are lots of advertisement providers like AdSense, chitika, infolinks, affiliated marketing, or direct ads by contacting sponsors. All these can be classified in to 3 categories: (i) Pay Per Click (PPC) (ii) Commission based (iii) Space Price.

Pay per click generally earns high for latest gadgets sites, educational sites or websites which get students, or youngsters mostly. Pay Per Click generally does not make high profits for the sites which make people learn about online business, blogging etc. Because on such sites their visitors knows about advertisements aim and they does not click more on advertisements. 

Therefore such blogs or websites have more than 1 advertisement source and they prefer Affiliate marketing or sells a space area directly to the sponsors. So, make a proper selection of Advertisement source for your blog or website.

#2 Proper Ads Positioning

Most sensitive places for advertisements are header, below post title, below posts and top of the sidebars.

Because these are the positions, where visitors mind become in a decision making position and if visitors see ad of his choice/liking, he will most probably click on it.

#3 Proper Ads Format

This is the second most important factor that affects your earning. You should select a proper ad format for advertisement.

For example, you should place 'text ads' below posts.

#4 Keywords

Your blog should have high quality keywords, because ad providers selects ads for your blog on the basis of keywords on your blog.

So, you should use appropriate keywords so that your blog shows up most appropriate and relevant ads to the readers.

#5 Analyze Present Advertisements

I will say this factor work as a catalyst for increasing your Earnings sudden. Generally, AdSense or other ad providers provide ad on your blog on the basis of keywords, but there is one more factor on which this depends.

They also have limited alternatives for those keywords, So analyse which advertisements are running these days and then try to write posts related to them and i will recommend to leave a question related to that advertisement in your readers mind from your post, this will indirectly encourage your visitors to go on advertisements.

#6 Analyze Traffic Source

You should analyse your traffic source deeply. And then should provide advertisements for your mass readers source.

Also you should analyze age group of your visitors, because there is no benefit of providing costly affiliated products ads on your blog if your most visitors are students.

They have much interest in browsing as compared to buying costly products, so provide them pay per click ads and earn more!

#7 Promote Affiliate Products

If your blog on blogging niche, or something other like that where affiliated marketing earns more, there you should write articles about the features of the that product and should encourage your visitors to buy that products.

#8 Internal Linking

Your earning also depend on your internal linking skill, you should engage your reader on your blog by interlinks network.

As visitor becomes more engage on your blog then he tries to check out every hing on your blog and this behavior increases chances of clicking on your ads also.

#9 Point to Point

Your posts should be point to point. You should not add waste material just for making your posts lengthy, because it may irritate your visitor.

"I left my girlfriend because I was irritated by her meaningless talks" one of my friends once said. It can happen with your blog also. And then forget the chance of clicking on ad!

#10 Experiment

 Always experiment new factors, find out which ones work for you and learn from them. And Earn more !!!

Lets us know if we missed any important factors. Or tell us did you like the post? Your comments below are highly appreciable

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