Top 20 Blog Sales! These Blogs Sold for Millions

Top 20 Blog Sales! Deals of Millions

In this competitive and advancing era of today, there is race among every individual to be superior in almost every aspect of life. And being rich and wealthy is almost everyone's passion and dream. Now if i talk about the young youth of today, almost every young person out there wants to be filthy rich so that he or she can fulfill all his desires and desires.

Every one of you would have some sort of ideas and plans which you want to fulfill, and obviously, it won't move towards completion without money.

Now, if I talk about the online community, particularly and specifically, we do too have long and long plans of being successful, as being the part of the same society in which all of life. But then a question arises in my mind and with me, I guess in everyone's mind out there, that how to do so with just a simple online business ??

How to expand it and be rich?? Well, folks! a simple solution and answer to a very common question lie in my today's post, you can be rich and successful by your online business, and not only become rich, but you can also expand your online business to that extent where you can simply be proud of your creation, specifically in the field of blogging!

Well, you can easily earn and be rich by blogging. Blogging is all about your creativity and your skill to express it. So, if you are creative you can easily do it, But then there is one point, that how can you become rich from this limited business of yours, rich enough to fulfill your desires and dreams.

Then in this case, you should have your mind broadened. And by this i mean that you should work on your on line system and form the earning you get, invest a small part of it into your business.

By following this trick, you can not only get a very high public reputation but also get fame, as if I only talk about the blogging field, you'll easily have a long list of followers who will be eagerly waiting for your blogs to come.

And at that time, when you and your blogging company is pretty expanded and famous, you can easily sell it off at a very great price and earn lots and lots of cash. So in the end, it's all about your skill and the strategy to use your skill productively to earn loads of cash!

Top 20 Blog Sales!

As I mentioned above that blogging and blogging companies can give you millions of dollars, here is a list of the top 20 blogging companies that sold for millions of dollars and proved a great deal of money for their owners!

1) The Freakonomics

This website was founded in around 2005 by a professional journalist named Dubner. Dubner used to work in New York Times. This site was sold just after 2 years in around 2007 and was bought by the New York Times in around 8 million dollars. This site almost had a daily revenue of around $11,000.

2) The Paid Content

This website was founded in 2001-2002 by another journalist named Rafat Ali. This website was basically a resource and analysis site. This site got just after around 6 years in 2008 and was bought by the Guardian Media Group in around 30 million dollars.

However, Rafat Ali, the founder of this website still works on this website under The Guardian Media Group as an editor. This site almost had a daily revenue of around $13,700.

3) The Celebrity Baby Blog

As the name indicates, this web site was basically about blogs related to famous babies. This site was formed around 2004 by a female named Friedland. This site just after around 4 years got sold and was bought by the Times Inc at a cost of around 10 million dollars. This site generated a daily revenue of about $6900.

4) The World Hum

This website was founded in around 2001 by an expedition loving pair. As traveling to places and exploring them was the passion of makers, this site contained within it all sorts categories that included question answer, famous places to visit, etc along with all sorts of guides.

After around 6 years this site was bought by The Travel Channel at a price of 6 million dollars. This sites generated a daily revenue of about $2700

5) The Bankaholic

This site was founded by a professional in the investment sector in 2006. It provided all sorts of online trade and banking facilities and attracted its customers on different offers on credit cards and interest rates.

However, this site was sold after 2 years and was bought by the BankRate at a price of about 15 million dollars and is now one of the leading sites that provides online banking solutions with a large hefty team at its back. This site generated a daily revenue of about $21,000.

6) The Tree Hugger

This site was formed by an environmentalist named Graham Hill in around 2005 and included all sorts of stuff related to the environment. However, just after 2 years in 2007, it was bought by The Discovery Channel at a neat sum of 10 million dollars. The daily revenue this site generated was almost around $6900.

7) The GardenRant

As the name of this site suggests, this website was basically a blog site that could provide you with all sorts of tips and solutions regarding your gardening problems by a botanist in around 1997. You might be thinking that what can a gardening blog website do? Well, folks! this site managed to get itself sell at a price of around 1.3 million dollars by Garden Web and generated a daily revenue of about $400.

8) The Deadline Hollywood

This website was founded by a female columnist in around 2006. She used to write columns at the rich and famous people in LA along with their lifestyles, which later became the content of her blog website. In 2006 this site went live for the first time. However, Mail Media Corporation bought it at a sum of around 14 million dollars. The daily revenue which this site generated was around $5500.

9) The Consumerist

This website was founded by a media group named as the Gawker Media Group in around 2005. However, after 3 years this site was sold to the Consumer Media LC at a sum of around 7 million dollars. This site generated almost a daily revenue of around $7300.

10) The Wonkette

This website was again a creation of the Gawker Media Group and was founded in 2004. However, in 2006 it was bought by its own working team member and his partner at a sum of about 12 million dollars. This site generated a daily revenue of about $16500.

11) The Live Journal

As the name suggests, this website was basically a site where people could maintain their in line dairies and notes stuff and was founded in around 1997. With the passage of time this gained immense development and by the time it was sold people could maintain their online blogs and other writing stuff. It was bought by Six Apart at a sum of around 25 million dollars in 2007. It's daily revenue ranged to about $8500.

12) The Arseblog

This website was basically formed by a football club fan, mainly a die hard fan of Arsenal Fc in around 2006. You all will be surprised to hear that just after a year in 2007, this site was bought by Ole Ole at a sum of around 5 million dollars and since then has the name ole. This site almost generated a revenue of around $13700.

13) The Politicshome

Politicshome was basically a market research website formed in the year 2008. However, its founder Stephen managed it to sell it at a price of about 1.4 million dollars to a conservative politician just after a year in 2009. The daily revenue of this website was about $3600.

14) The Weblogs

This website was created by using investment by two people and its content contained professional readership. This site gained its life in 2003. However, its makers managed to sell it in 2005 to the AOL at t neat sum of around 25 million dollars. The site managed to give a daily revenue of about $35000.

15) The TechCrunch

As far as this website is concerned, it is still very famous as the publishing content is concerned as it contains some of the very best publishing content. It was created in 2005 by Michael Arrington and in the time span of 5 years, he was able to make it the best website as far as the publishing content was concerned. However, after 5 years in 2010, this site was bought by AOL at a very good price of 30 million dollars. It's daily revenue included around $16400.

16) The Ugo

This site is regarded as one of the most expensive websites sold. This was created by a group of gamers in 1997 and in around 2007 was bought by the Hearst Corporation at a huge huge sum of about 100 million dollars! This site managed a daily revenue of about $28000.

17) The Tatter And Company

This website is also known as TnC. It is basically a Korean blog website founded in 2002 by 2 people. It is still a blogging plate form for the Korean people. After around 6 years of its birth, around 2008 it was bought by Google at an excellent price of 30 million dollars. Its daily revenue ranged to approximately $13700.

18) The Fotolog

This website was founded in 2002. But unfortunately, it started having problems in its servers just after 3 years in around 2005 as the number of visitors was great and was burdening the website servers. At present, this website receives around 20 million unique visitors each month. Its owner managed to sell it to HiMedia Group at a sum of around 90 million dollars. This site managed to generate a daily revenue of about $49400, a huge number it is folks!

19) The ConsumerSearch

ConsumerSearch is one of the best, or rather the award-winning website. It was formed in about 1997 by a pair who also owned a private corporation at that time. This site was ultimately bought by in 2007 at an excellent price of 33 million dollars. It managed to generate a daily revenue of about $11000.

20) The Ars Technica

This blog website was created in around 1998 and was the best website as far as technological blogs were concerned as it contained all sorts of reviews on everything you would want to know. Along with this, it had all sorts of new news and detailed reviews. This site was purchased by Conde Nast Publications a decade later in 2008 at a price of about 25 million dollars. Its daily revenue ranged to almost about $7000.

So folks! as you saw above, these were some of the best and most expensive blogging websites sold.

And yeah, the best part is that their owners earned millions and millions and dollars from their creations.

So, I guess instead of just sitting in front of your operating system you should aim high and then struggle to achieve that as well if you want to be a millionaire like all the owners of these blogging websites mentioned above.

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