8 Everyday Objects with Innovative Redesigns

8 Everyday Objects with Innovative Redesigns

It can be rightly said that the modern world we live in today, has been fueled with contemporary procedures and innovations that could be least expected a few years ago. Everything that we see today has been subject to little or vast level of innovation. From computers, phones, cars to everyday daily life objects, everything, every model has undergone improvement.

What might come as a surprise to you are those little everyday objects that don’t seem capable of drastic improvement. However even they are redesigned in different exciting ways giving a perfect epitome of innovation that exist these days.

Lets look into some of the innovative redesigns of the every day objects.

8) Touch Screens

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

Over the past few years, a great amount of innovation is shown already regarding the computer screens. We saw some compact designs coming in different screen sizes. However this time Microsoft is working on the development of such touch screens which won't need an actual screen. The product is already named as the OmniTouch.

Infact it has a separate sensor which projects an image out of it. The good part is that these projected images are not sensitive to the type of surface, instead they can work on any kind of surface, whether rough or smooth, dull or shiny.

7) Soft Drink Cans

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

You might have noticed the small changes in the design that Pepsi or CocaCola keep experimenting with their cans, but what is big and completely unpredictable is thinking of a soft drink can that automatically keep itself cool without having a need of a fridge to do so. Shocked right?

West Coast Chill is an energy drink set to release sometime this year, that does not need to be kept in the fridge. There is s a button on the bottom of the can that cools it by thirty degrees whenever you press it.

The can has CO2 container at the center which rushes out of the bottom of the can when the button is pressed. The heat to fuel the gas’s expansion has to come from somewhere the energy drink, in this case and it causes the drink to cool quickly.

6) Wi-Fi Routers

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

We all know that Wi-Fi Routers we have at our homes use radio waves to function. However chinese scientists have developed a Wi-Fi router that uses light instead. The devices at the receiving end receive messages from the flickering of light which is too fast for the human eye to notice.

5) Trash Bin

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

If till now you have not been amused with the level of innovation that has already been revealed above, this one is surely going to raise your eyebrows with amazement.

New trash cans have been developed which use the Xbox Kinnect technology to map the entire room and then re-positions itself automatically to catch the garbage that you throw towards it. You can even watch video demonstration of this phenomena on the internet.

4) Speed Bumps

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

Although thinking of speed bumps, not much space for innovation can be perceived, but Jae Yun Kim and Jong Su Lee have designed new kind of speed bumps which fold them selves up when you over them with a low speed. In case you touch them flying fast in high speed, the bump stays up and jars your car, reminding you to slow down.

3) Floor Mats

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

Yet another surprising show of innovation. New kinds of floor mats are designed for industrial use that wipes of the dirt from the bottom of your shoes as you walk over it. When you walk over these mats, you open tiny vacuum valves that suck the dirt from the bottoms of your shoes. Everything it sucks off your shoes goes to a container so it can be easily thrown away later.

However these mats are not feasible for home use as they cost just over six thousand dollars. 

2) Glasses

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

New and innovative glasses have been designed that give you a real life video game display. A camera keeps track of the things you’re looking at, and displays them on LCD screens inside the glasses. The different lens have their individual cameras that combine together to give you an image for to display.

The glasses can be used for all sorts of things, from video games to education, to city guides that display information about the place you’re looking at.

1) Laser Keyboards

8 Everyday Objects With Innovative Redesigns

Just as we talked about portable touch screens above, the laser keyboard function in much a similar manner. Technically you are not carrying any physical existence of a keyboard here, there is a projector that projects a laser keyboard on to the surface which should be flat. It’s capable of recognizing when you tap the keys, and even plays tapping noises to make it feel more like a normal keyboard.