Why Can't We Make Paypal Account In Pakistan Anymore? [Unsupported Countries]

Why Can't We Make Paypal Account In Pakistan Anymore? [Unsupported Countries]

If you're somehow associated to Internet and run your online business or just a standalone blog, having a Paypal account is as important as having a national Identity card.

Paypal being the leading online payment system, it's vital to have it in your tool kit to send or receive payments from/to your clients. Though unfortunately, Paypal is not available in many countries for some reasons which company doesn't share openly.

About 2 years back, I wrote a post on how one could get a Paypal account in Unsupported countries including Pakistan and that method actually worked! That post was read thousands of times and mentioned all around the web.

Why Can't We Make Paypal Account In Pakistan Anymore? [Unsupported Countries]

Back then, we could make use of fake mobile numbers and home address belong to the country of which we wished to make the account for. It was all seamless and on top of that, we used to withdraw the payments via third party Payoneer master card.

Now you might be thinking so what's the purpose of this very post? Well!, the very reason of this post is to explain in detail why exactly we can't make a Paypal account in Unsupported countries any more due to the recent security changes updated by Paypal.

I get emails and Facebook messages so frequently about this still, that how could we make a Paypal account?

Well sadly we can't unless we make it in a legit way. I'll get to that in a bit.

Reasons Why We Can No Longer Create a Paypal Account In Unsupported Countries?

Things has been changes since new laws by UK government and other countries as well. They are requiring more steps from you for verifying your location and presence.

1- Won't Load Dashboard Without Proxy

Previously: Well, previously about 1-2 years back, we could login to Paypal account's dashboard (in Unsupported countries) which we made using other listed countries. It didn't ask for any verification.

Now: Though now, it detects that we're not for the country which is listed in the account, and thus is asks for mobile verification.

2- Can't Verify Mobile Number

Previously: We could have entered a fake US (or any other country that you create the account of) mobile number and the system accepted it.

Now: Now it would ask you to verify the mobile number that you entered. It sends a verification pin to that number that we have to reenter to the Paypal system.

Though we can do a work around to this, by using many online sites that provide the functionality to send and receive verification pins to world wide numbers.

confirm your phone

3- Can't Connect Payoneer Debit Card

Previously: If you've gone through this process before, you'd know that we use to connect Payoneer debit card to withdraw the payments with in it, which later we could then use with any ATM locally that accepts Master cards.

Now: Well, Paypal has dropped the support of Payoneer as a whole. Sadly! Thus we can no longer withdraw Paypal payments. Though we can use any payments in our account online.

For these reasons, it's not possible to withdraw our payments from Paypal account in unsupported countries. Though we can still use them online.

Hope this clarified any misconception or information gaps.

We hope that Paypal officially accepts the invitation of Pakistan's Government that was sent lately.

What do you think?

Have you gone through this process before? Is there any other way out you found? Let's share it and help each other! 🙂

Here's the Solid Solution:

Now the only way of using a PayPal account in unsupported countries is to ask a friend or a family member who is in supported-by-paypal country to make yourself a PayPal account.

He/she will add his/her own phone number own address and verify everything from his/her mobile or laptop and then give you the login details.

You will then asked to verify phone number again as your family member or friend is loyal to you, you can ask him/her to send that code to you that PayPal sends for verification. That's it.

You will have a working PayPal with this method, nothing else gonna work now.