7 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO?

7 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO?

As a blog owner or e-Commerce website owner, you must need to optimize your pages for search engines. Otherwise, your website will not rank well despite having good contents.

From this blog, you can learn top 7 reasons why your website needs SEO.

1. An Optimized Website Receives More Traffic

The main purpose of SEO is to boost the rank of a website in SERP. And a website ranked on top position gets more clicks.

Though only SEO can’t boost the ranking single handedly. A good content and a good optimization technique work together to achieve the desired ranking.

2. You Don’t Need to Invest a Lot on Google Ads

If You already run an Ad campaign then you know the cost of running a successful camping. Though it is not the permanent or so effective solution. You need to pay per click if the product sells or not. Even you need to pay just for showing the add in the search result or somewhere else.

But you can avoid this investment by doing proper SEO without paying a cent. But this method takes time and effort. So, if you want quick result then it may not work for you.

3. It helps to build your brand

Branding is what you provide and what others says about you. By optimizing your website, you can create contents that your audience love and refer your websites to others. Always you should keep a clear picture about your brand that reflects through your content.

4. It boosts your Website’s Credibility and Authority

SEO in combination with content marketing is drawing up real good sales figures. With the growing search marketing, the sales funnel has undergone tremendous changes. 
How has it affected the current marketing strategy? 
A proper SEO strategy backed with excellent content backup is all that is needed to drive the sales figures higher. 
A user searches for your product online. With the captivating content, they get led into your website. And from here, starts their journey of product purchase. 
Through multiple nudges and consistent reposting of the content, you build a brand for your product. 
Such strong brands only speak about the credibility and the authenticity of the product. This is how a perfect SEO strategy can boost your sales by nearly 75%.

5.Climbing up the SERP Rankings:

The first search result on the Google page gets an average of 20% clicks. Guess how much the second-ranked page gets? 
That is a 7% drop. With Google handling close to 3 million searches per minute, you can do the math to know how much is at stake! 
Keyword optimization has always been the key to making your site relevant. But, the latest trend is about understanding the intent of the search. Once the search intent is clear, keywords become relevant. 
As you optimize your web page, you also ensure that you are aiming for the top SERP ranking as well! Isn’t it a win-win situation? 
So, the higher you move in the SERP rankings, you gain a better chance of having more hits and improved revenue. 

6.Making the UX top-notch is the key:

Neither is Content King anymore nor is it the King Maker! 
In the post-pandemic world, with multi-fold online activity, the User is the Ultimate King. 
And how can we ensure that users are made to feel like a king? It is the user experience! 
SEO ensures that the user experience is given the first priority. With this being said, content forms an integral part of the user experience, but not the only part. 
The benefits of an enhanced user experience can be understood by the fact how Google algorithms have changed their ranking method. 
Focus on responsiveness is raking up things with the manufacturer. A website that is mobile-responsive gains more customers, hence improving UX. 
More focus on UX and content relevance, over anything else!

7. Making things more measurable:

Using the right SEO strategy ensures that every nook and corner of the website is measured. The great measurability makes sense, especially when you want to see which strategy works best.

Traditional marketing is no more viable with the growing advancement in technology. And this is where modern toolkits gain an advantage.

Use Google Analytics to track the campaigns, measure your funnel factors that lead to outflow, and gain a concise view about budget allocation.

Helps you to understand, what is really working and what’s not!

This is why having the perfect SEO strategy improves the website ranking. Thus, boosting the revenue by nearly 2X in the medium run. A reputed SEO agency like Shout Digital can suggest you the best strategy to grow your business. Reach out to them, to get your X-chart & guaranteed sales forecast.