5 Blogging Tips I learned From A Public Service Bus Conductor

5 Blogging Tips I learned From A Public Service Bus Conductor

If you pay attention to your daily life surroundings, there is always so much going on. A couple of days back I was going through a public service 'wagon' and some great blogging tips clicked me at the very instant. No matter what sort of surroundings that you live in, the way you interpret them is what really matters.

At the end of the day, it's YOU who makes the day the worst or the best one of your life. Everything is within your mind. The upper story. Take things positively, and you would notice how the world around you starts to shape up differently.

We all know the conditions of the public services in sub-continent. Once you get into the wagons, there is no way you could think of something positive. You are forced to get impatient.

How The Public Service Bus Conductor Brought Me Inspiration?

You don't always need some great heroes to get motivation or inspiration for the things that you wish to achieve in your life. It's just how you look let them affect your life.

Let me give you a brief flash back of the public service environment in sub-continent. There are certain routes defined. The vehicles used for the transport are Toyota Hiace. Every single high roof is allotted a route ID. (Say 21 number etc)

Likewise, every vehicle has a wagon conductor that deals with passengers that gets on the Hiace from the bus stops. Plus obviously the driver. The driver's job is kind of an elite one (as in their circle) and the conductor is somehow called 'Nika or Chotay' etc meaning 'young one or small'.

Blogging Tip #1 Work Your Butt Off / Dedication / Optimistic

So what I learned from them in a 20-minute ride? Well, these people know the real meaning of 'working the butts' off. The conductor doesn't even have the privilege of a seat, where he could settle on. The seats are supposed to be for the passengers (as each seat has it's own rent/toll).

Blogging Tip #1 Work Your Butt Off / Dedication / Optimistic

With the backbone bent all the time, the conductors would work more than 12 hours daily. And to earn a living, they are forced to do these shitty jobs. What more could they get in such a turmoil situation after all? With a total education of no more than 4-5 classes (grades).

Each time they get to a stop, their faces are so optimistic to get more passengers, that would determine their daily wage (in some cases). So in the same way, we as bloggers should work our butts of in making new content for our fellow readers. When we think about these people and the hardship that they face for earning their living, then it gets much easier for us to type few hundreds words daily while sitting on our comfortable couches in air conditions.

Blogging Tip #2 Reading The Minds, Getting Used To The Surroundings

The way these bus/wagon conductors read peoples mind is amazing. They could exactly tell before hand the guy would want to get a ride. We, bloggers could be just like them. We are the ones who need to know their readership well. If we wont, who else would?

Blogging Tip #2 Reading The Minds, Getting Used To The Surroundings

Reading our reader's minds is one of those ProBlogger attributes that we must start working on right from the start. Once we get to know what our readers want us to write, we would automatically be blessed with more comments per post and the social sharing would likewise boost up too.

Secondly, what i found in these conductors was their ability to get used to the surrounding that they live in. This is their fortune and they are pretty much satisfied with it. So on the other side, every body of us may come from a different family background with different level of support from our families in terms of our blogging career.

Not every parent would let their kids 'waste' (as some may think) their time in front of PC. SO its one of the big challenges that we would face, and thats where are adaptability skills jumps in. We know, this is what we have and these are the conditions that we MUST pursue our blogging world.

DON'T get demotivated by the surroundings (in case they are not very pushing).

Blogging Tip #3 Being Patient

Bus/wagon conductors are surely a true roll model for showing up immense patience. Irrespective of the weather, (some times it gets 50 degrees out there), these people would not indulge in unhealthy situations keeping in mind the level of public dealing they go through more than 12 hours a day!

Blogging Tip #3 Being Patient

I could clearly read their facial expressions showing frustration and anger. But if they won't be patient, they could not last long in the field of conductorship.

So likewise, is it more difficult for us to show patience in terms of waiting for the success to come by? Cant we wait and keep working hard for 6-8 initial months of blogging? Why do we have to jump directly to money making ventures (AdSense in most cases) right from the day 1?

Blogging has taught me great things among which patience stands out clearly.

Blogging Tip #4 Multi Tasking

Wow, they are great at it! These bus/wagon conductors are responsible to recall the up comings stop to the driver so that he could stop the vehicle accordingly. Plus he has to gather the toll in the mean time before the person drop out.

Blogging Tip #4 Multi Tasking

He would exactly know the people who entered the bus/wagon on each stop and would ask them individually to pay the fee/toll. Its just amazing to their multi tasking skills.

As a blogger, we could be a great multitasking machine too. On a single day, we think of writing new content (that's a 24 hours job to keep thinking of the new content that you have to built. Traveling in wagon couldnt stop me from thinking about my next post.)

Like wise, we keep an eye on our competitors, plus mingling with our social media followers. Answering the blog comments etc. We all carry on these task side by side. If not, then its time to learn from the wagon conductors for sure.

Blogging Tip #5 Are Always In Rush

These conductors could be frustrating to watch too. They would search for new travelers on the very stop in a rush. The hunt for the next aim (traveler) never ends for them. So why are we so lazy to achieve our blogging goals?

Blogging Tip #5 Are Always In Rush

Why don't we show 'rush' in bring our blog to the next level. Why do we lack motivation?

These are some of the great qualities that i noticed in my journey, on the wagon the other day and really wanted to high light them with the help of such post.

Hope you liked it.

Now What?

DON'T forget to share your views about these admirable skills and how many of these do YOU lack?

Would love to hear from you.