3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online in Pakistan

Making money online isn't as easy as it sounds and as many portray it to be. It requires hard work, consistency, determination, and fire in the belly to achieve the goals.

With this post, I look forward to sharing some of the easiest strategies you can take to make money online in Pakistan and India.

#1 Building Audience/Readership

The first strategy I would recommend is to create your own readership and audience may be for your blog posts or your YouTube videos.

This can be done by starting a blog or creating a YouTube channel and earn through it.

Once you have your following and people that trust you, you can create your own product or promote affiliate product to your readership. You can also earn via AdSense or BuySellAds which are famous advertising platforms.

Once you've created a handsome readership or viewers in the case of YouTube channel, you would experience third party companies reaching out to you for sponsored posts and more opportunity. Notice how big giants focus on creating a user base without a monetization plan preset.

Take an example of Twitter. Since the launch of the platform, the company didn't make any profit even though it has such a huge user base.

Focus first on creating readership and audience and you'll see opportunities coming up.

How You Earn?

With blogging, you can earn with advertisements, affiliate marketing, creating your own product, and more. I've talked about it in detail in the following post that would help you out.

#2 Freelancing

Freelancing is another way to make money online in Pakistan which is being thought in many private and governmental institutes.

Freelancing is where you lend your skills online. There are various platforms online like Freelancer.com, Fiverr, Guru and more. These platforms have various categories like graphics designing, programming, content writing (blogging), voice-over, and more.

You can explore the categories and see what work you can do amongst them. Next, make up your mind and learn how to succeed on each of these platforms as all of them have their own tactics to get to the top.

How You Earn?

With Freelancing, you earn when people on those platforms would give you work. They would find your gig and offer you a task.

Once you do that in a specific time predefined in your gig depending upon the work, you would complete it. Then, once your order is complete, the platform would pay you the money that it previously has on hold from the person willing the services.

You can then retrieve the payment via various payout options like Cheque, wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer and more depending upon individual platform you work upon.

#3 Paid to Platforms

Then there are various platforms that paid to do specific work. Like get paid to review websites, or get paid to fill surveys and more.

I've talked about that in detail in the video featured above. There are various payment options available with these platforms though I would not personally recommend these for long run.

These websites don't pay much and its not worth your time to invest it. Instead, build your own online empire like starting a blog or creating a YouTube channel.

To Conclude

There are quite many details that I discussed in the video featured at the top of the post.

Do let me know if you have any questions in the comment section where I would love to reply to all of you.