Top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan & Their Blogs in 2024

Top 10 Bloggers in Pakistan & Their Blogs in 2023

Here we will show you the list of the top 10 bloggers in Pakistan with their blogs in 2024.

Blogging is a source of income nowadays for many people. Some earn less while some earn thousands of dollars with it. Revenue is based on the rank of the blog.

Blogging is no longer an unknown thing to the people of Pakistan. Many people from Pakistan earn a handsome amount of money from blogging.

Here is a list of the top 19 bloggers in Pakistan. Have a look at them and think about what can you do to become a better blogger.

1. Syed Balkhi:

He is ranked among the top bloggers of Pakistan. He launched WPBeginner in 2006. The blog is the best resource for WordPress. Syed Balkhi owns the Best Pakistani Blogger award for the year 2012. He is from Karachi and is currently living in the USA. He did his graduation from the University of Florida.

Syed is doing more than WPbeginner, he is handling other sites like List25, MonsterStats, IsItWP, and more making him rank at the first spot of top bloggers from the Pakistan list.

2. Aamir Atta:

It is one of the most popular blogs about technology in Pakistan. Many people visit it on a regular basis to get news about technology. The blog is being handled by a team under Aamir Atta and they cover daily news updates with mobile prices and guides on different topics.

Due to the fact that his blog is operating with a .pk TLD, he faced many hacking attempts and now amazingly maintaining the blog as an organized Pakistani news website.

3. Umer Idrisi:

If you are confused and thinking that nobody is doing more than blogging in Pakistan, then here's the one who will tell you that Pakistanis can do more than just blogging (he started blogging in 2014).

Owner of BloggingeHow, Dastiab, AllBlogThings, and a startup of his own called SearchOye (the first Pakistani search engine), and more, he is the real champ of Pakistan. He was named a top blogger in Pakistan who is not just a blogger but a staunch entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire who works from home and handles all of his businesses remotely.

3. Taimur Asad:

The blog gets a huge traffic every month. It gets around 10 million page views in each month. He own a degree of Software Engineer from Bahria University. He also belongs to Karachi. His blog is about the latest technology and new inventions.

4. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai:

He has an inspirational personality. His blog is full of solutions to the problems related to blogs. He tells the people how can they make their blog more powerful and interesting. Mustafa is the one who guided thousands of Pakistani young people to start their blogging career and do something online to make a living.

Publishing about Google Blogger platform, he also owns a clothing brand called "Jhonum" and is the brightest blogger in Pakistan.

4) Ghaus Iftikhar Nakodari: AddictiveTips

Ghaus Ifkikhar blogs about technology. His favorite topics are software and operating systems. He is a graduate from Bahria University Islamabad. His blog gets hundreds of page views each day.

5) Naveed Javaid: SmashingApps

The bog belongs to the category of designing and it is one of the most popular blog in the world. It can be said that it is the MOST popular blog about designing in Pakistan. It was launched in 2008 by a graduate of Dadabhai Institute of Higher Education Karachi.

6) Ali Qayyum: SmashingHub

He did his MBA from COMSATS and started to work on SmashingHub in 2009. Now he is always listed among the top bloggers in Pakistan.

8) Ammar Ali: AllBloggingTips

It is a very unusual thing for a 18 year old young guy to earn so much popularity and money. He is usualy referred as emerging Pakistani Young Blogger. 

9) Syed Faizan Ali: MyBloggerLab

The blog solves the problem about blogging for people. People visit this blog to know the answers of their questions about blogging. He has now launched a new website templateism.

10) Bilal Ahmad: TechMaish

He was a student of MBA at Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar when he started blogging. He also has a job other than bogging.

11) Ayaz Malik: Designzzz

The blog is about graphics and the tutorials and information it provides are of excellent quality.

12) Mohammad Ismail: TechVela

Mohammad Ismail has started to work on this blog in the recent years but still it has become one of the most popular blogs of Pakistan.

13) Muhammad Nabeel Khan: Nabtron

He is one of the people who have talent in many dimensions. He is a Doctor as well as a web developer. The blog has a rank of 10,000 among the blogs of the world. It was started by a group of schoolboys.

14) Mohsin Ali Waheed: Internet-Khazana

Mohsin launched this blog in 2007 and within a short period of time, it was able to be ranked among the top blogs in Pakistan. The blog is full of knowledge in different dimensions.

15) Nadeem Khan: Chillopedia

The blog contains information about different things. It is mainly a news blog. The blog is on number 51,000 in the list of top blogs of the world.

16) Saad Hamid: Sizlopedia

The blog is about the personal experience and views of Saad Hamid about technology and gadgets. Unfortunately, after the launch of the Google Panda algorithmic update, the rank of the site was severely dropped.

17) Rehmat Alam: SupportiveHands

This blog by Rehmat Alam is all about blogging and blogging tips and tricks. The blog is a great success as it was launched in 2012 and now it is ranked at 47,297 in the world. Rehmat Ali belongs to Gilgit and is a popular webmaster and SEO consultant.

18) Ehsaan Ullah Khan: Guide and News

The blog gives information about SEO to its readers. It also contains information about Google Blogger and WordPress CMS. It is ranked 36,987 among the blogs of the world.

19) Abdul Wali Khan: Online Ustaad

The blog was launched in December 2011 by Abdul Wali Khan. It provides online tutorials on many different topics. Abdul Wali is a web developer and a web designer. He also provides tips for blogging to his readers. However, he sold the blog to focus on his YouTube channel.

Note: The list is in no particular order and numbering doesn't reflect ranking. We respect all these bloggers from Pakistan and we hope there may come many more professionals.