What Should You Know About Hot Tubs in Grand Rapids

What Should You Know About Hot Tubs in Grand Rapids

When homeowners in Grand Rapids have a hot tub installed in the garden, it can be a welcome addition in the cool of the fall season. Temperatures in the region generally don't climb above 80 degrees F, even in the summer season.  

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While they can get humid and warm, usually in the 70-degree F range, it's a relatively mild area. With fall around the corner, the soothing warmth of a hot tub will be welcome and relaxing. These outdoor spas extend the living space and offer an excellent resource for entertainment. 

A priority is providing adequate care and upkeep, ensuring optimum safety, and researching for proper use before committing to a new system. It's also wise to consider preventive maintenance or service as you would with most equipment in the household for the greatest efficiency and longevity. 

Let's explore some common "dos and don'ts," including the proper placement before investing in the sauna. 

Recommendations For Hot Tub "Dos and Don'ts" 

When deciding on getting hot tubs in Grand Rapids, Mi, many variables must be considered before investing. These include the setup location, amount of care and upkeep, safety factors, usage, and on. When researching to become more informed, you can establish a plan and move forward with your purchase. 

One of the key components of using a hot tub is adequate care and safety. The water and the unit should always be clean and hygienic to avoid potential health issues. Consider a few suggestions on the "dos and don'ts" associated with having a new spa. 

  • Follow proper safety precautions 

Installing a hot tub in the garden can be an incredible addition as an extension of living space and an enjoyable entertainment source. The priority is ensuring adequate safety precautions at all times.  

While you want to spend quality time together, younger family members will need something else to keep them happy while others are using the spa.  

Kids below the age of roughly "eight" are recommended to avoid the sauna. And even those over eight should be well supervised with a suitable height to stand with their head above the water. Children 8+ should only stay in a hot tub for "10 minutes or less." 

For adults, it's essential to have a physical to ensure your health is adequate for a spa. Certain health conditions can deem the tub unsafe, especially if you're pregnant.  

Drinking alcohol before or while indulging in the water is ill-advised, as is putting your head under the water or allowing anyone else to do so. Loss of consciousness is possible due to the extreme temperature of the water. 

  • Keep the temperature at a reasonable level 

The recommendation for water temperature is roughly "40 degrees c/104 degrees F." Rising above this range can be harmful, with the possibility of dehydration, overheating, and the potential for passing out.  

It's recommended to have a high-quality thermometer for consistently checking the water temp against what the sauna displays; however, trusted brands are factory-configured to prevent higher rises. Many find "38 degrees C or 100.4 degrees F a most comfortable temp. 

  • Maintenance should be a priority 

Learning cleaning and maintenance should be a priority for homeowners as these are key to getting the highest quality and efficiency from the system, not to mention extending its longevity. With clean water, you can feel confident in the sauna's safety. Clear doesn't necessarily mean clean water, however. 

The water should be replaced, and the tub scrubbed down inside and out with the filters changed frequently. The water should be tested with chemical treatments as necessary, following the manufacturer's guidelines.  

The chemicals used with the spa need to be specifically for hot tubs and not standard household cleaning solutions.  

  • Try the sauna before you buy it if possible 

A recommendation among retailers is that customers try the hot tub before investing. No two are created equal; trying them will allow the most suited one to stand out.  

The things to pay attention for include the "location and capacity with seating, water depth, and variety of jets and their power."  

You want seating where you can genuinely make yourself comfortable in the sauna; some should allow a cool down, while others will give good coverage above the shoulders. Go here for guidance on selecting a hot tub. 

Final Thought 

The entertainment is about to begin in your Grand Rapids, Michigan, home with a new hot tub. Now that fall is almost here, it will be the ideal soaking experience on a cool, crisp afternoon. 

Afterward, you can enjoy some decadent hot chocolate with marshmallows (of course) while sitting by a fire to continue the quality time. 

A priority is cleaning the water and the tub to ensure it's ready for subsequent use. Make sure to research how to take adequate care of your sauna for the highest efficiency and to extend the system's longevity.