Interview Of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Of

Interview Of Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Of

Recently we were lucky enough to get some time from our fellow brother/Blogger, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai for an interview.

This one being our first ever interview of any popular blogger out there, I wanted to start off with someone of my close circle.

Mohammad is now CEO and Co-Founder of a Pakistani clothing brand "Jhonum" based in Karachi.

Below is the fun chat with Muhammad bro.

 1- Welcome to BloggingeHow. You are a personality who's not bound to introduction, but as a part of formality could you tell a little about yourself?

Let me first thank you Hassam for considering me worth to be interviewed.  Well I am a human of course!Who loves socializing, building strong relationships with people online and offline and one who enjoys learning and sharing every bit of tech related stuff. I am a web developer and SEO  by profession and pursuing a B.E degree in Computer System Engineering.

I am running two blogs at the moment. The first one is hosted at i.e., which shares tutorials on Google blogger, web designing, and blogging tips at large. The second blog is hosted at WordPress i.e. and it was launched on 6th Feb 2012.

Smart Earning Methods guides students and the jobless with all practical Online earning Methods that are the only solution to get rid of the normal PLAN A Life. It focuses largely on Affiliate Marketing, blogging and Freelancing.

2- When did you start blogging and what was the inspiration behind it?

 I started exploring blogging in 2008 and eventually adopted it as a profession in 2010 by sacrificing my long list of 12th grade students.   Blogging is an institute in its own, its the only domain where you get dozed daily with exciting and creative ideas.

You learn you share and you earn at the same time. Playing with colors, graphics and web technologies like CSS3, HTML4, JavaScript and PHP, are some reasons that explain why I entered this beautiful art.

3- Are you treated differently as a "blogging guy" in your social life?

In starting when readership was low, I was treated just like any normal guy but with time as readership grew, people started getting more interested in knowing me in person. It feels really great yet strange sometimes when a stranger pats at your shoulder and asks "Are you Mohammad?" 

4- You are enjoying a life of entrepreneur at such a young age. How do you manage your studies with blogging?

All praise be to God brother. To be honest I had to sacrifice 40% of my studies for the sake of entrepreneurship through an established blogging career. We are humans after all and keeping all things balanced is somehow difficult in real world.

I had been a popular nerd and have enjoyed the life of a book warm but today I feel it exciting when someone calls me a "Back bencher! " ;d

Jokes a part, my days are dedicated to university studies and my nights are dedicated to my online passion.

5- What approach would you recommend to the beginners who wish to take blogging as a career?

Learn to act as journalists , think quick and post it first - that's what search engines like.   Respect copyrights, learn web designing and basic SEO.

6- What do you think is the "Ultimate" key factor that enabled you to build up such a loyal readership?

Respecting the readers and treating them alike. Answering every simple question that may be troubling a wide range of people and providing an easy solution to it has been the power pump behind the conversion of a visitor into a reader. Quality of posts and post regularity being the running engine.

7- What success methods would you like to convey to the bloggers who have less than 100 daily visitors?

Write on social media  updates as much as possible no matter what your niche be. Do not stuff titles with keywords instead stuff opening paragraph with targeted keywords and phrases. Make sure you subscribe to big technology blogs to remain updated. I prefer setting up iGoogle as your homepage to remain up to date with latest feeds.

8- What is the impact of social media on the traffic that you have today?

`Social Media is an easy way for visitors to stay up to date with your content. They can use their favorite networking sites to track your posts and since people spend hours on Facebook, Twitter and now on google+, thus they count 20-30% of your overall traffic

9- In your opinion, what is the best way to drive traffic to a blog?

Posting on whats trending. Simple! 

10- What was the happiest moment of your blogging journey?

When I received my first paypal donation of $20 via PayPal! 

11- What are your future plans with your blogging career?

Planning a third blog before I graduate InshAllah. At present I am blessed with two employees who are talented yet loyal and I wish to increase the team and lighten the burden. According to the business Plan strategy that we planned this year, I am expected to invest even more and that's my focus at present.

12- What is the major source of your earnings?

 Services and Banner Ads.

13- Would you like to give any message or tips to the beginners who have just started out?

Remain dedicated . Post at least 2 posts per day. Keep out of AdSense for at least six months and focus on building readership and improving Alexa Rank.

14- What do you think about BloggingeHow?

Bloggingehow is doing really well in terms of providing quality tutorials to newbie bloggers who are exploring Blogosphere from every angle.  
Hassam has been one of my favorite authors. His keen interest in the niche of social media and blogs will surely take him to the next level soon. I wish bloggingehow the best of traffic, readership and stable flow of income. Thumbs up! 

15- How can people contact you?

I don't have a personal profile because I am really non-existing on social networks due to several logical reasons, however, I am always active on my blogs. I can be contacted via the contact page of my blog and also from our Google+ Page and Facebook Page. 

16- Thanks bro- I am greatful that you took time to make this interview possible!

All Pleasure is mine to honored with the opportunity to share my thoughts. Thanks for the kindness. I wish you and your readers all the best with your future endeavors. Peace and blessings be upon you all.