The Right Way to Write: How to Finish Your First Novel

The Right Way to Write: How to Finish Your First Novel

Book it! More than half of Americans say they have at least one novel in them. Yet only 15% of Americans start writing a book, and a mere 6% get halfway through their text. 

The pride you will feel after you finish your first novel will be immense. But you may have good reasons why you cannot finish your novel. Sit down and think of a few steps you can take to get to the final chapter. 

How can you make opportunities for yourself to write? Where should you get inspiration from? Should you care about what other people think? 

Answer these questions and you can finish your book today. Here is your quick guide.

Make Time to Write

Even 20 minutes of writing can help you hone your craft and get some work done. Look at your schedule and try to find small blocks of time during which you can write. You may be able to write a little during your lunch break or on your train ride home. 

Try to save some time so you can spend more time writing. You can batch cook your meals on weekends and then heat your food up during weekdays. This can give you an extra 30 or 45 minutes to write each day.

Get Inspiration

You should read as much as you write. If you are writing a spy novel, you should try reading other spy novels. 

While you read, make a note in your head of what you like and dislike. Try to emulate what you like in your book, and try to avoid replicating what you don't like. 

You should also talk to other writers about how you can write a novel. They may give you tips on how you can create a comfortable space for writing. 

Don't Think About Other People

Many writers refuse to finish their books because they are worried that someone will criticize them. They may be scared about submitting their work to publishers and getting rejected.

Forget about what other people think. Take pride in how far you have come as a writer and write the best ending you can. 

You don't have to show anyone your work. Once you're done with your first draft, you can spend time revising it.

If you do want to show other people your work, you should try self-publishing. You can go to one of the best ebook publishers and get your first book out there.

Finish Your First Novel

Your first novel is waiting for you. Make time to write every day by looking at your schedule and saving time on your other tasks.

Read other works within your genre. If you're stuck, get reading suggestions from your friends and fellow writers. 

Stop caring about what other people think or whether your work is good or not. Focus on honing your craft and finishing your narrative, then worry about publishing your book. 

The more you read about writing, the better a writer you will be. Read more creative writing guides by following our coverage.