9 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Facebook Videos

9 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Facebook Videos

Video Marketing is quintessential for every existing business that wishes to grow phenomenally. There is no alternative to it. Anyone can gain benefits through video marketing, which is an absolute truth. One already knows of the benefits of video marketing. However, very few know unleashing the power of social media with video marketing strategies to gain ultimate business. 

This blog will walk you through 9 reasons for using Facebook videos for your business. 

1. Parameters for evaluation

Marketing strategy is only fruitful when followed with absolute evaluation metrics. Digital marketing campaigns have made it possible to track every penny invested. Not only that, but you also get data and metrics to frame better strategies further. The evaluation parameters on Facebook are better than any social media platform. 

Facebook gives you insight into the reach, interactions and page views. In addition, you can also track the view duration of the video. Further, you can see if the viewers played on the click button and a point at which they left the video. 

These parameters would help you design better content in the future. You can optimize your content and remove glitches for the better success of marketing campaigns. The result would be content that gets grasped, converted and shared. 

2. Increases engagement

Video content in-general increases engagement. It, however, depends on your brand to create compelling series for viewers to keep them tuned. You can gain long term engagement of viewers by starting a series of video content that helps them educate themselves and be more aware. The idea here is to create an engaging series of content. It should pursue the viewers to subscribe and visit your page repeatedly. Look at the patterns of content people like to consume. And use that data to create user-specific content. 

3. Enhances Brand Awareness

Nearly 1.79 billion Facebook users are active on the platform, and that presents you with an excellent opportunity to create brand awareness in their minds. With Facebook ad creator reach a higher targeted audience to gain engagement on your profile. Be consistent with the theme and appearance of your video. Create a stellar and remarkable impression on viewers using rules of psychology. The frequency of your video content should be regular and qualitative. With relevant Video Content, you can create an irrefutable impression on viewers' minds. 

4. Increased Conversions

The conversion rates on Facebook ads are higher compared to other platforms. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity for brands to generate ROI. In addition, the video Ads format drives the highest CTR and could help you drive more conversions if you are proficient with your video message. 

To create ads, set a clear goal for your campaign. The purpose could facilitate the purchase, generate leads, or lead the viewers to subscribe to your Facebook page. Then, based on the conversion you wish to achieve, you create ads. Using Facebook Pixel data, you can target visited people on your site and enhance conversion rates.

5. Share well-comprehensive information

Video content is always more capturing than textual or graphical content. You can add more information to videos and drive your viewers to take the desired action. The video length allowed on Facebook is quite long. Hence, there is no limit over time aspect. However, we recommend cutting short your videos to 15-25 seconds long. You can also replace your Facebook ads with video Ads when posting on Facebook. It will deliver the vital message in a crisp short duration, and the message will remain imprinted on the minds. 

6. Users Engagement

The brilliant way of using video marketing is to allow your users to interact with you. Host competition for your users. Ask them to send you some video relating to your product. Ask them to trend a hashtag. The most creative video wins a prize. Now, isn't this amazing? It is like pursuing your viewers to create content for you. 

You can see food brands using this technique prominently these days. Whenever they are launching a new product, they host a contest. The most creative recipe takes home a hamper. You can do this with your software, clothes, fashion accessories, home appliances and all other products. 

7. Brand recalling

Facebook Videos help you strengthen the brand recall factor. With consistent video formats and a classic logo or watermark, you create a subtle yet unforgettable image in your viewers' minds. Brand recalling is an important factor in today's time when the competition around is intense. Everyone out there is trying to prove themselves best. But it is your content and the language you use to communicate with your viewers that stays with them. So first, tell a story and drive your viewers with emotion. Then, use video content to portray that story. Finally, let your viewers familiarise themselves with the brand. 

8. Optimised Facebook Videos for smartphones

More than 95% of users access their Facebook page through a smartphone. The attention span of humans is less than a goldfish. To capture their attention, you need to develop eye-catching stimuli. It could be through video, GIFs, ads or graphical visualisations. Videos are more required than ever for your Facebook pages. Therefore, it's even more crucial that your Facebook page is optimised for your video content. If not, change that right away. 

9. Create a community

A community will drive your brand towards success. If you can come across as a brand that resonates, possesses strong values and is driving inspiration, you will create a community of people following you. Facebook Videos over a consistent period helps you deliver your brand image, purpose and core values. Only when the viewers would start connecting with you would you create an irrefutable brand image. Everything else, be it sales, leads, conversions, would follow. Facebook Videos are a great handy tool to make a standalone presence of your brand. 

Facebook is a powerful social media tool to leverage for your digital and actual growth. Add a solid punch of video content to your Facebook marketing strategies, and you will see multi-prolific growth within your brand. There are ample reasons to get started with Facebook Videos. Start with one, and you would be motivated to continue with content creation.