How to remain anonymous online?

How to remain anonymous online?

Anonymity in the 21st century has almost ceased to exist. In the era of social media, online shopping and online banking, it is hard to become invisible to the internet. When using any kind of browser or search engine, we are no longer anonymous and our computer’s IP address is sent to the site’s servers. It is difficult, but not impossible, to prevent this from happening. If we want to remain anonymous on the web, we have several options to help maintain our anonymity for longer and prevent our image from being used in unwanted ways.

Do not use the Internet

Stopping using the Internet or never starting to use it is the best way to become anonymous online. Not sharing our image, location or any other data about us will make us completely anonymous. Nothing disappears from the web, so this way works for people who have not yet started using the Internet. If any action has already been taken by us, then unfortunately we have to come to terms with the fact that nothing gets lost on the Internet. All website servers save the data we share and the searches we make. We will not be able to delete the data, but we can stop further sharing.

Take advantage of the software

Online image anonymisation software will dispel any concerns you may have about your image. Thanks to, you will remain anonymous for longer and no one will be able to recognise your face in a photo. is software that blurs your face in a photo and removes all data that could be used against you. This means that by deleting the data in the photo, no one will be able to recreate the original version of the photo. is a programme that allows us to safely publish family, trip and party photos online without having to worry about our image.

Is it possible to remain completely anonymous on the Internet?

Being anonymous on the Internet is possible with specialised, often advanced software that is not as easy to use as is a simple programme that will anonymise the face in a photo and the licence plate with one click. This software is designed to make face anonymisation easy. The artificial intelligence technology that is used detects the face and number plate in the photo itself and makes them unrecognisable. In this way, we can be sure that nobody will be able to identify us when they see our photo and that nobody will use our image for their own purposes.