Ways to Bring Life to a Product or Promotional Offer

Ways to Bring Life to a Product or Promotional Offer

Often times, small businesses will launch a product or promotional offer on the Internet, and it will just be dull and un-exciting to consumers. Have you ever thought about trying to bring life to your product or promotional offer?

There are a lot of ways that you can do this, and they can seriously help your marketing efforts.

Below, you’ll find many techniques that you can utilize to increase awareness about your product or offer, and add some excitement to it.

The necessity to act quickly!

When you tell someone that they only have a certain number of days, or perhaps the product will only be sold to a certain amount buyers, there is a necessity for them to act quickly. Obviously, you do not want to put falsified information into your product or promotional offer.

You should only limits sales or the days that the offer will be available, for as long as it makes sense. If you can find a credible reason for doing this, you can increase the likelihood that people will respond to your offer. They will see the scarcity of it, and they will be prompted to take quick action.

act quickly

Payment options

Many times, people are interested in the product or services that you are selling, but they simply do not want to spend as much money as you are asking. Offering different types of payment plans can help you close the sale. For instance, if you are trying to sell an item that costs $600, you may want to break that item into three payments of $300.

This can make the payment much more manageable for your customers since not as much money has to come out of their pocket at once. Going the extra mile to include payment options for your products or services can help you close sales.

Discounts and Coupons

While you probably do not want to throw out discounts to everyone, you can offer first-time customers a reasonable coupon. First-time customers have never tried your products or services before, so it can benefit you to get them in the door. For instance, you could provide a discount on the product or service, for the first XXX number of buyers. This would prompt people to act quickly since they will receive money off of their purchase.

Discounts and Coupons

Trial Offers and Previews

People do not want to buy something that they haven’t seen in action. If you are selling software or if there is some type of control panel with the product or service that you are selling, offer a trial or a preview option.

Do not require that the consumer e-mail you or do anything manually to try this out. People want quick and easy solutions to their problems. If you present a trial offer or some type of preview to them, they will be much more likely to take interest in your product or service.


Any time that you can offer something special as a bonus, you should definitely do it. You should try to package in as many special offers and bonuses as you can. Make sure that these bonuses are actually worth something, there is nothing I hate more than an Internet marketer trying to close a sale by bundling bogus special offers with the product.

Provide some value, and give it to them free for buying your products or services. After all, it would definitely be worth it if you gain repeat business from this buyer because of the bonuses.


There is nothing worse that you could do for your business, then telling customers that there is no refund option. Whenever a business doesn’t allow refunds, they often try to hide it by making this information hard-to-reach. They place it somewhere in the terms of service, so not everybody is going to read it before they buy the product.

 This is a very bad practice, and it is one way to make a lot of customers really angry. Studies show that when you provide refunds or store credit, you are much more likely to have repeat business from those buyers. Just because they were not happy with one of your products or services, doesn’t mean they won’t return in the future to buy something else.


 They may even return to purchase the same product or service once again, if they find that it has been updated or if they realize it actually had what they were looking for in the first place.