Do you want to save time while writing a blog post? Or you need to explore how to write a blog in a short time? This article would tell you 7 winning strategies that will help you write faster and increase productivity.

Things you will learn after reading this

7 strategies to write a blog in short time:

  1. Improve your research efficiency
  2. Choose the best time to write
  3. Make headings first
  4. Set a time limit
  5. Avoid distractions
  6. Hire a freelance writer
  7. Use paraphrasing tools

Ever since Blogging has turned into a source of income, it has become a very boring task. The reason is that bloggers are trying to make a lot of money than just wring content for their blog. There is a wide variety of tasks that each blogger has to manage daily to write an excellent blog and this can usually eat a large chunk of their time.

So, it is required for bloggers to look for ways that can help them save time while writing. Although composing concise blogs and articles is one way of doing it, there are far easier ways that you can make use of to guarantee that you finish composing posts faster.

7 strategies to write a blog in short time

Here are a few strategies that will help you out with writing a blog:

1. Improve your research efficiency

We have certainly found that composing a blog needs just a small amount of time than you spent on planning a blog article. In simpler words, a development phase of writing material can often take more time than simply writing it. Consider for a second how much time you spend in general on picking the concept or doing basic research. You know that it’s quite time-consuming, especially when you don’t know a single thing about the specific topic and begin writing with a blank mind.

To solve the problem and save the time, write a content layout beforehand and look for necessary information on the matter. It will give you a deeper view of the subject such that you have suggestions in your hand just before beginning the actual writing. Additionally, you will waste less time switching various tasks and concentrate more on writing.

2. Choose the best time to write

What is your favorite hour to write a blog post? Is that time easiest for you to write blog posts? Some of the easiest ways you can do to save time writing posts is to write at the perfect time of the day.

You would never attain much if you cannot decide a suitable time to write a blog. For instance, if you have a strict schedule, you would not able to complete your task in a particular time period. For the others, they can compose at any given time, but for some, early in the evenings and late nights fit best for their routine. So, find your productive hours and work on it.

3. Make headings first

We have learned this tip in school, but we mostly ignore following this while composing and writing. It is an extremely successful form of enhancing our speed in writing and expressing your ideas coherently. Before beginning to write the blog, spend a couple of minutes writing down the points or headings on which you are going to write upon your blog.

Doing that will help you improve your pace when writing because you won’t have to think about what to write especially when you are halfway through the post. The points will then be arranged in a much-simplified manner, so you would be able to compose in one go, rather than writing in sections and relying on the flow of ideas in the post.

4. Set a time limit

When you begin writing a blog, you must make it a point to set a time limit usually about 60 minutes in order to finalize the blog. This tends to put you in the performance mode, and you can manage to finish the blog much earlier than expected.

It also helps you escape the so-called “writer ‘s block” because your focus is completely dedicated to writing the blog post in the specified period and not thinking about any other stuff that otherwise would have interrupted your focus when writing.

5. Avoid distractions

This might seem pretty evident to you, but still, we know how easy it is to neglect this rule. Writing with multiple distractions results in a lesser concentration which leads to delay in writing as well as the quality of the blog affects. This simply means that you need more time to focus on what you were writing.

Thus, if you want to write your blog posts quicker and more efficiently, then you need to eliminate these obstacles and instead concentrate on the job at hand. Avoid multitasking, turn off your Television, close the Facebook tab, and sign out from your email account, close any unnecessary tabs in your browser, turn on a flight mode on your phone, and start writing your blog. You can see the difference right away.

6. Hire a freelance writer

In all actuality, there is a whole other world of content creation than simply composing a blog. For this, there are many content composing jobs for content writers. The significant points for content creation include:

  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading

Despite this, after your finalized document, you must not go forward and publish it. Why? This is because you have to proofread the document to make it clear that there are no spelling mistakes. Punctuation and grammatical mistakes will make the content unprofessional.

Preferably, you must spend more time rereading and reviewing your blog than when you ‘re creating that blog post. Sometimes, you may not have the time to proofread and publish your blogs. This is why you may employ a freelance writer and editor to make work better for you.

Nevertheless, there are other writing and editing techniques you could use. Such techniques will help you identify spelling and grammatical mistakes to avoid. We have compiled some of the best writing tools such as paraphrasing tools that can assist you in writing a great blog.

7. Use paraphrasing tools

The use of online paraphrasing software is also a perfect choice for literally improving the quality of your piece of content along with saving your precious time. A blogger must be familiar with the interesting methods for rephrasing to replace unproductive parts of writing. They can help you create unique blog posts that will completely free of plagiarism issues or other similar inaccuracies that will cost you a great deal. A couple of best paraphrasing tools are discussed below

A well-known paraphrasing resource is by prepostseo. It claims to support both the.doc,pdf, and.txt files. After copying the text, you need simply to click the Rewrite button in the next stage, and the software will do the rest of the work. When you’re running out of time, this is a great way to get things done, because it doesn’t take much effort on your part.

This platform is appreciated by most professionals for its simplicity of use. It is one of the best methods for writing a blog for beginners. Well, it’s also absolutely free. It is fast to use so you can write a blog without wasting much time.

You may use this versatile tool that allows you to reform individual terms, as well as full-length posts of the finest quality standards fast. For several years now, this tool has been providing professional paraphrasing support and has helped dozens of writers from all over the world.


As you’ve seen, there’s no rocket science behind boosting your work performance when it comes to writing a blog in a short time. The above-mentioned suggestions are a significant way to write more in the same amount of time.

Apart from saving time while writing, you will enhance the quality of your writings as the mentioned methods will bring a lot more reasoning and consistency to the entire blogging procedure.

In any case, the efficiency of your written work may also depend on your interest in the subject, so make sure you can somehow contribute to it before beginning work. This easy move will guarantee that you won’t face any hindrance in the middle of writing.

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