How to Launch Your Brand New Website for Your E-Commerce Project Having a Little Budget to Start with

How to Launch Your Brand New Website for Your E-Commerce Project Having a Little Budget to Start with

Launching a brand new website is not as easy as you could think. This is usually a time-consuming process that can take several months. Why not make your life easier and use a website builder? Caring for your nerve cells is good for health, and you will definitely need them when growing your business. Agree?

Comparing the work of website builders with the work of real people is pointless, especially in 2021. The world is moving forward, we have more opportunities, and sometimes we spend time on a long process of creating a site instead of using the advantages of related software. For instance, you can use WordPress to create your e-commerce store relatively easily and fast. Website builders are designed for comfort, no matter the size of your budget, and if you are interested in such software, you can find here plenty of trusted reviews and opinions about these tools. Previous experience, constantly updated features, the best templates are available to the website builder users.

Choose a unique URL

Your web address should encourage users to follow the link. It does not cost money because it is a part of the website builder. All you need is imagination. Make sure your domain name sounds simple yet memorable. Some experts also advise checking the name with other languages not to have an egg on your face.

Short, eloquent, literate, memorable URLs will be remembered by people and will add new customers. People do not remember boring or too clumsy names. Knowing there are billions of websites around the world, you will find it difficult to stand out. Website builders conduct more active brainstorming and actively generate ideas, which gives a chance to become unique.

Coming soon page

The launch of a new website is usually accompanied by a message about the “coming soon” page. This creates excitement before launch. The coming soon pages tell potential website users what this site is about and stir up interest.

Take care of the graphic design

Even with the smallest budget, you should take care of the website design. Graphic designers in 2021 are expensive. We recommend using the website builder, as their services include design. You can create a unique website look or use a template. However, if you want your site to bring more money, you’ll have to make a good investment in it. Still, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Utilizing website builders will help you save some money and time as they can place all the buttons in the correct order, adjust the site to your needs, and help you out in the future when your site needs some updates. Every detail matters because it is the details that are remembered. This will give the audience a taste of a quality brand that is cared about.

Organic mix

Combine social ads with organic traffic. It is obvious that users do not want to feel like they were forces to click that button or follow that link. If you use advertising, then make it more natural with friendly and soft texts. Engage freelancers in writing your texts, this will pay off.

Stand out

Show people that your team is really special. Show your values - it always attracts customers. Moreover, if you are at the beginning of launching a website, you should definitely pay attention to this advice.

Tell the world about yourself

Get access to all platforms and share news - this will complete the strategic development of the website. The advice is quite common but don’t forget about this component of running a website. PR matters, especially if you are just starting a website. Often website builders automatically cope with such tasks.

A post from a popular blogger who follows the best blogging tips to attract and retain his audience is also a good idea for an announcement. Often it is not expensive and will invest in your success. After all, there is a whole ocean of bloggers to choose from. However, before that, be sure to analyze the blogger's target audience to see if their subscribers are interested in your site's values.

Your information database should already have the numbers or email addresses of potential customers. Once upon a time, new brands called potential customers' mobile phones or sent emails. In 2021, rarely will anyone pick up the phone from an unknown number. It's the same with email: people are more likely to wonder if it's worth following a previously unknown link. This scheme is outdated, don’t do so.

Mobile version of the site

Even for small businesses, it is important to adapt to different devices. People live with their phones 24/7 and it should be convenient for them to use the services. Website builders have the function of adapting the site to different types of equipment. It is good to follow these rules for quality adaptation: 

  • optimizing the site speed for a mobile phone;
  • save short content;
  • the customer always remains a priority;
  • the client uses his thumb.

These rules are designed for any business and their effectiveness is proven daily.

Exact plan

Immediately write down the points on how to achieve your goal in each step. You can start by describing the ultimate goal to what is now. Even if you have a small budget, no one forbids dreaming. This will be a motivation for you to succeed.

Brainstorming will lead you to new ideas that will come in handy. If you turn on the popular writer Elizabeth Gilbert's page, you can immediately see what values she invests in the website. She advertises the latest book, so she puts it in the center. To make it more convenient for website visitors, the site immediately shows in which stores it is most profitable to make a purchase.


A website is the foundation of your marketing, and this stage of the business needs a lot of attention, even if you don't have a multimillion budget to run. With our tips, you understand that it is possible to create a successful business thanks to website builders. Constant management and optimization make life easier for owners, and the effect is long-term.