Adding quotes or testimonials to a blog (service) adds a huge impact upon the presentation of the product and of they rotate, it makes a wonderful UI.

There are tons of WordPress Quote Rotator plugins and testimonial rotator plugins available that make it extremely easy for the WordPress users to install the top notch text rotator widgets around.

I have gathered a list of the top quote rotator plugins for WordPress blogs with no particular order.

#1 Quote Rotator

Quote Rotator for WordPress lets you add quotes to your WordPress blog sidebar. You can install the plugin by visiting the plugin site.

wordpress quote rotator

You can also add the plugin in other sections of your template apart from the sidebar.

#2 Flexi Quote Rotator

Flexi quote rotator is one of the highest rated quote rotator plugins around. The plugin is simple and adds an elegance to the blog. The plugin is downloaded 56000+ times till date.

flexi quote rotator

#3 Nice Quote Rotator

Nice quote rotator allows display of random quotes via shortcode, a sidebar widget, and/or on the admin page. Quotes can be user-entered, post excerpts or links.

nice quote rotator

#4 Tagline Rotator

WordPress tag line rotator randomly selects from the user entered tag lines and displays them to the reader.

tag line rotator

#5 PPM Testimonial

This plugin will add fade in out testimonials via shortcode in page or post.

ppm testimonial

#6  Lumnia Testimonials

lumnia testimonials

Your Choice?

Do let us know about your experience with these amazing WordPress quote rotators or testimonials presenters.

Which one is your favorite among these? Which of these do you look forward to giving a try?


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