Caravanning With The Kids

Caravanning With The Kids

Australians love to travel, and one of their favourite places to go is Australia! It's not too surprising considering the wealth of natural beauty and fascinating cultural attractions on offer down under! Thousands of overseas visitors flock to her shores annually, but those lucky residents just have to step out their doors! That brings us to one of the best ways to see all that Australia has to offer on an up close and personal, go-at-your-own-pace basis, and that is the gentle art of caravanning. 

Caravanning is rightfully celebrated as being the perfect way to travel with your kids! There's no need to make a bunch of calls to airlines and distant hotels for bookings, everyone just walks out of the house and steps into your home away from home parked out front! You will be bringing all the comforts of home with you, your bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and even your laundry room thanks to caravan washing machines! The entire family will ride along in safety and comfort as you wind your way across Australia's vastness in search of fun and adventure! You can even bring your four-legged friends with you, as most Australian caravan parks and campgrounds are pet-friendly! You and your family can all take it nice and easy on a caravan holiday since there is no rushing around airports and catching taxis involved. 

Here are a few tips from experienced family caravanners to get you on your way!

One great reason to caravan with kids is having your home basics with you makes it so much easier to take care of their daily needs. No, you can't call it the lap of luxury, but your caravan is a lovely home away from home. Making meals in the kitchenette or over the cookfire is easy and fun, and when it's bedtime they will feel comfortable being in beds they can call their very own, with some plush toys from home base to help them sleep. 

When you have little ones in tow be careful not to schedule too many activities into a day. Seeing the sights at a slower pace is one of the great advantages of living on the road. Be sure to break up longer drives with more overnight stays, and make it a policy to stop every two hours so everyone can get out and stretch their legs- the chances are there will be something fun to see and do wherever you stop, the entire country becomes your playground in a caravan! For kids, travel is as much about the journey as it is about the destination, and there’s certainly plenty to discover when you take it slow. It's always fun to take the back roads, where you and your family can spend time visiting the quaint small towns you pass through. You never know what's around the next corner, and pleasant surprises abound!

Be sure to visit the Caravan Industry Association website for more information on caravanning in Australia.