[SOLVED] 'Your Computer Needs To Be Cleaned' Facebook ERROR!

[SOLVED] 'Your Computer Needs To Be Cleaned' Facebook ERROR!

Today I tried to login to Facebook to interact with friends and Facebook gave me this weird login error/gate where I couldn't login. It mentioned that my computer is infected and someone might be stealing the information within. It suggested, that to solve the issue, you have to download this weird software 'Trend Micro' which would find the malware and clean it up!.

facebook malware trend micro

In fact! IT WAS THE MALWARE IT'S SELF! Glad that I first searched it up on Google and found that Facebook only officially endorses only McAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials anti viruses offically. Anything other than that is a pure malware its self.

facebook backups microsoft security essentials and mcafee

How To Solve This?

There are many solutions out there BUT the easiest is to clear out all the cookies in your browers related to Facebook.

For Firefox:

Step #1 Go to Options >> Privacy >> Remove Individual Cookies

Step #2 search for "Facebook.com" and select and highlight all the cookies that mention Facebook in it's address. Then hit 'delete Selected'.

For Chrome:

Step #1 Go to 'Tools Menu'

Step #2 Click on 'Options'

Step #3 Click on 'Under the Hood'

Step #4 Under 'Privacy' section select "Show Cookies'

Step #5 A new window will open called 'Cookies' Here you can see all the cookies within your Google Chrome Browser.

Step #6 Simply highlight the Facebook related cookies and click "Remove"

I hope this will help!

Once the cookies are removed, you can simply login back to your Facebook account seamlessly! Do let me know if this solved your problem!