Cloud-Based Smart Home Technology – The Future is Here

Cloud-Based Smart Home Technology – The Future is Here

As we hurtle into the 21st century, we enter a new and exciting dimension of digital connectivity and we welcome the smart home.

The system data is stored on the cloud and your central interface enables you to remotely control all systems, which might include CCTV, climate control, electric gates, lights and kitchen appliances, such as oven and washing machine.

Set up a secure cloud network

This is the very foundation of the smart home, which empowers you in many ways; using an app, you can connect to your CCTV cameras and remotely view your property perimeters, or you can start cooking that roast lamb when you are still at the office. You can even set the climate control to cool certain rooms upon your arrival.

Smart enabled domestic appliances

You can order a smart-enabled front load washing machine that you can program in advance; an online search will help you to find leading Australian suppliers of the best brands and Bluetooth technology enables wireless connectivity.

AI control

AI or machine learning plays an integral part in digital advancements and you can download AI software to manage your home; it will quickly identify your preferences and you can automate many aspects of home management. A system that learns as time passes is truly unique and the future potential is mind-blowing.

Domestic humanoids

We are less than a decade from unveiling the first robot helper, which will probably be marketed as a ‘humanoid helper’ that can do all domestic chores and even to be a companion. Indeed, Google’s CEO says their AI is sentient! Imagine a robot that understands your sense of humour and tells you jokes to elevate your mood! 

Wireless connectivity

We have Bluetooth technology to thanks for a wireless smart home, as this tech allows all devices to connect with a communicate to the centralised management software. There are many powerful features, such as, having the system call the police when an unauthorised access attempt is made, or checking your property perimeters remotely.

Solar energy system

Any Australian smart home would not be complete without a state-of-the-art solar power system that provides clean and renewable energy, which means you are no longer dependent on those money-hungry energy corporations.

Online solutions

If you would like to turn your home into a smart dwelling, start with a Google search to find a local IT services provider; they would be happy to send a technician to your home where he or she can design the system. This is a significant investment that should pay good long-term dividends, especially with solar panels in play.

As a conclusion, the smart home will soon be the norm here in Australia, where we enjoy cutting-edge technology and energy-efficiency is an important aspect of smart home management. For more details, search the web to discover the amazing technological progress that digital tech is bringing to our world.