10 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account

10 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account

Did you ever think another aspect of social media site Facebook that we all praise the entire day as the social media giant and the revolutionary perceptive of our daily lives?

Have you ever thought that Facebook 'could' play a fishy role in your practical life? Or are you helpless and have already surrendered to the addiction that has taken over you?

Below are few solid reasons that we must all think upon, if not act instantly, that why we believe shutting down your Facebook account attains much weight as opposed to using it like crazy cyborgs all day long.

Reason #1 You're Addicted!

Facebook, just like many addictions can ruin your productivity and make you a slum out of a brilliant student that you once used to be. Did you ever think about that? Your parents yell at you for a reason. Have we ever wondered in the entire world what exactly we have achieved after Facebooking all day long?

Is there anything that we can be proud of or present to the real world to appreciate it? Does it makes you more productive and help you attain a healthy life? NO.

In case you're still young and haven't seen the face of practical life, i must say Facebook can be the biggest regret that you could have made in your life. If only we could spend those lazy hours that we spend tagging people, uploading pictures for no reason to Facebook, in something productive, something that would help us in our future (job oriented, intellect oriented), we would be a happier man once we would be in our 30s.

Think about that tonight.

Reason #2 Facebook Is Full Of Viruses

I am never convinced to use a Facebook personnel profile and one of the major reasons is virus oriented bots.

How long does it take to build a reputation in your social circle? Years if not an entire life.

facebook virus

These crazy virus bots that are spread via Facebook messages could shun you down in seconds in front of your relatives and the ones who care for you.

There are various occasions when we often see these bots spreading nude videos via messages with the name of the actual profile owner. That's crazy and makes one shut his Facebook account on the very second!

Reason #3 Personnel Information Doesn't Stay Personnel!

We all have heard different security issues that people talk about Facebook. Its not just Facebook, its the case with any other website that acquires your personnel bio data. You tend to give out your entire life information to a company that you don't know at all.

personnel information

Facebook knows everything about you. Your social circle, your cellphone, your self, practically everything. Its how social media works. Being in the process of being social and exposing your self to your friends and family, we never realize how exposed we are to someone who doesn't know at all. Facebook!

Facebook has been alleged to transfer users' information to 3rd parties for "research/survey" purposes without taken those due accounts (people) in confidence. Are we OK with that? Facebook has made us open to the world. Due to this factor of insecurity, one could think of to shut his Facebook account right now!

Reason  #4 Fake Accounts/ There Are Many More Of You!

Would that be OK with you if people try to take benefits by using your name that you gained through your hard work, sweat and tears? That is what's high on Facebook. Take an example of any well-known brand or personality.

May it be President of US, Obama, Eminem singer, or a Top Blogger Umer Idrisi, there are thousands of them rolling out there with the same name, profile picture, biodata, and all that stuff.

Would you like to be on a place where there is no way to stop plagiarism of you as your self?

fake facebook profiles

Reason #5 You Can Ruin Your Job Interview

Believe it or not, it's pretty common nowadays that interviewers consult social media sites to judge the person for an interview. We all share our dearest things on Facebook and our profiles are often quite close representatives to what we actually are in our daily lives.

The next day your boss sees your picture having weed, you can imagine your very next day!

ruin job interview

Reason #6 Mark Zuckerberg Unethical Start?

Mark Zukerberg

You would have often heard how Facebook got started. The CEO Mark Zukerberg is thought to first share his personnel achievements by using personnel information of various university students.

If that is true, could one really believe in his/her information being secured on the Facebook servers. What could you even do in case your personnel information is handed over to 3rd party? Though we can sit back and enjoy the aftermaths.

Reason #7 Unsafe Applications

Facebook application provide an even worse security to your personnel information. There are often times when Facebook application would ask us to provide access to our personnel information. Proving your data to 3rd party can be the biggest mistake.

These application often transfer virus to your computer and can ruin your PC that your grandpa bought you!

unsafe facebook applications

Reason #8 Its All Up In The Cloud 'Forever'

Yes forever. Did you think your account gets washed out from the internet once you delete your Facebook account from those fancy options? Hell No!  That the story of your side. No one knows whether or not our personnel data is kept up on Facebook clouds or not.

We don't have much control once we get on the Facebook ride. Its either 1 or 0. Restrain from it or get your ass kicked!

Reason #9 No Contact Information?

Did you ever wondered why Facebook never gave up their contact information to the public? Google as a great company provides it all! How could one rely on a company and give out there most dearest information (life time bio data) to a company that doesn't bothers to offer there services to the public. Seems like they doesn't want to get accountable.

Reason #10 Your Privacy Can Be Your Own Enemy

Facebook, is the world of imagination where you cant hold up a throat of someone the very moment, when he kicks your ass! Imagine you make up a friend (so called friend) recently whom you don't know much.

your own enemy

You share your personnel data, images/ videos, possible every thing with open heart. The very next day, you could see your images outsourced to the world? It has a high possibility and millions of people have gone through it.

You cant really trust on someone you don't know much and sharing your content with them can be a point that could make you regret your presence on Facebook as a whole.

So yeh, these are the few points that we all should think off practically. They all may not apply to every body, but still they are real life examples (most of them) and have made many to shut down their accounts!

What Do You Think?

Do you disagree with any of those points out there? Would love to hear that from you guys. Also, you could share your bad experiences that have made you think over your Facebook presence.

Till tomorrow, i am going off, Stay safe buddies! and yeah if you liked the post, take a second and share it with your friends