Top 20 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords

Top 20 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords

Have you ever wondered why your Google AdSense account pays you out pennies while you still get to read many success stories based on Google AdSense payouts? The entire game lies in the simple 2 factors. The secret of traffic and the use of the highest paying Google AdSense keywords in your blog posts.

The niche in which your blog lies plays a huge role in the amount of income your blog would generate for you when it comes to making money online via popular PPC (Pay per Click) platform, Google AdSense.

How Does High Paying Keywords Let Us Make More Money?

Its simple and straight forward. Talk about the big guys and you would be highlight of the market soon. The same goes for Google AdSense. Say on one side you promote a 70CC motor bike and you tend to make 1 sale. On the other side, you friend promotes Rolls Royce and also makes 1 sale. So who wins out?

The same is the case with Google AdSense keywords. If your blog lies in a niche that tends to cover the keywords that are mentioned below, you would certainly make huge bugs with your AdSense account soon. If not, the only bottleneck that may come in your way would be your traffic, and that's all.

Adwords Advertisers pay Google for their PPC marketing campaigns behind the scene. So the more they would pay for a certain keywords/s, the higher are your chance to make more money when somebody clicks out those ads on your blog.

Keywords related to 'Lawyers/attorneys' were always popular when it comes to making your life through Google AdSense. The spark in this niche lies in the fact that they tend to get both the arrows on the mark.

Such niches have above average CTR (Click through rates) and also get more per click. So its a win-win situation for them.

Top 20 Highest Paying Google AdSense Keywords Of 2020!

So take a look at the below keywords for the year 2020 and find where you lack. BUT do read out the last section of this post. Even though we have this list, it could ruin your blog too! So be cautious.

The keywords listed below have Cost Per Click (CPC) rates, that is each time your AdSense ads get clicked, you get the following bugs straight away in your AdSense accounts. It's funny how high paying these keywords are.

There are people who takes years to get to their first AdSense Cheques for 100$. And with the following keywords, Boom! You're first Cheque would fly in in few days!

  1. Insurance $54.91
  2. Treatment $37.18
  3. Loans $44.28
  4. Attorney $47.07
  5. Mortgage $47.12
  6. Hosting $31.91
  7. Rehab $33.59
  8. Classes $35.04
  9. Transfer $29.86
  10. Recovery $42.03
  11. Software $35.29
  12. Claim $45.51
  13. Trading $33.19
  14. Lawyer $42.51
  15. Donate $42.02
  16. Credit $36.06
  17. Conference Call $42.05
  18. Degree $40.61
  19. Gas/Electricity $54.62
  20. Cord Blood $27.80

What Not To Do?

So its pretty often that newbies tend to get to such Google AdSense High paying keywords list and start using them straight away without knowing the impact they could make on their blog in terms of traffic drop.

whats next

Say your blog is about toothbrushes that pay your pennies per click. The next day you start using Attorney somehow in your blog posts!

Eeeek, Who knows, maybe you present attorneys tooth brushing daily? Weird Haan?

So using out of bounds and inappropriate keywords that don't suite your blog posts and doesn't come in naturally would be a true disaster.

I hope these Google AdSense highest paying keywords would help you out in boosting your AdSense revenue if your blog lies in a certain niche that fits upon this list.

Take Care guys and share the post with in your social circle. Cheers!