How Much Money Can You Earn with 1000 Visitors Per Day Using Google AdSense?

How Much Money Can You Earn With 1000 Visitors Per Day Using Google AdSense?

It's a very real question one may ask about Google Adsense. It's very important to have the opportunities we have in mind so that anyone who is willing to start a blog would know how and how much would they be earning from their blogs.

Firstly, there are a few things that matter when we're calculating the possible revenue with Google AdSense.

1- What niche your blog is in

There is a whole lot disparity when it comes to CPC (Cost per click on the Adsense Ad) in various niches. For tech related niches, and for blogs that have geeks in readership, they struggle with AdSense as their readers know even the very pixels at which they have the ads.

When I personally surf online, first I believe it's because we're in the Industry and we know different types of Ad Networks and the general placement of the ads, I hardly clicked any ad in several monthly unintentionally.

When I do, I do that to learn that strategies these marketers are applying.

If your blog happens to be in a Law based niche, you'll be experiencing far higher CPC, like 50-100$ per click.

Checkout these 1 million highest payment Google AdSense keywords for reference.

2- Countries you're targeting

Then it highly matters what country your blog is targeting as it's major readership. With Google AdSense, you can find out by Navigating to your AdSense Dashboard >> Common Reports >> Countries.

adsense countries reports

Bloggers who have their major readership from united states tend to earn far more than other countries visitors. As the advertisers are willing to pay a lot higher for US based traffic as these are the people are actually buy their products at the end of the day thus increasing ROI (return of investment) to these advertisers.

The Maths... The least to the Most!

Lets get to numbers now. Considering condition above to be optimal, with 1000 visitors per day, this is what you could end earning.

On the Lower Side:

CTR for AdSense range from 0.5% to even 10%+. So for 0.5% click through rate, you get 5 clicks daily. And with a fairly low cost per click, you can get 0.5$ lets assume. (which is on a very low side of the industry).

This makes up to be 2.5$ daily or 75$ a month.

On the Higher Side:

If you're getting 5% CTR, you get 50 clicks daily. And if you're CTR is above 100$ per click, you could end up with 5000$ daily! (Which is not very common in the Industry). Though  you could see the potential in it.

It all depends upon the niche you're in. People have become millionaires with only AdSense and this is why AdSense is the biggest source of income for Google its self.

Hope this little post helped you guys. We generally don't consider these factors and plan our future blogs this way.

Though I don't recommend to go for lucrative niches for your future blogs just because of the potential to make money. If you're passionate about your current niche,  which might be low paying with AdSense, there are tons of avenues you can choose from.

I was recently reading how exponentially the use of Adblockers has increased from 2012 to 2020! So the future of Adverts isn't really great, so anyway webmasters and bloggers have to switch over to other means for sure.

I'll InshaAllah share more about it in my upcoming posts. We'll together explore more ways to get the most out of Internet 🙂

Till next time, take care.