5 Great Tech Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

5 Great Tech Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

The joy, happiness, and general sense of well-being intended to accompany the holiday season are to be experienced by all. But if you're getting short on ideas, gift-giving can rapidly become a source of stress for you. 

Because there are so many individuals to buy for and many things with matepad discount by Huawei, you may be left wondering how it is even possible to select the appropriate presents to give to everybody on your shopping list.

Fortunately, there are some things that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds, such as modern technological devices. They have a purpose, have the potential to make one's life easier, and, let's be honest here; they're just plain cool. 

We looked all over the internet for cool technological items that could be used in the home and would be of use to anyone. Considering that most of us have started spending more time than normal at home over the course of the past year, presents related to the household are especially handy this year. 

We've got you beat with 5 awesome home technology presents for everyone on your list, whether you're searching for something compact and useful, like a speaker for the shower, something with a little bit more like a wow-factor, like a strong & portable projector. 

  • A lightweight and portable projector that can transform any area into a makeshift home theatre. 

This gadget is only a little bit larger than just a soda can, but can not let it makes it look deceive you — it is a pretty strong projector that provides loud sound for its shape, emerges with a Television remote for excellent setup, uses Google's Latest Android interface, as well as comes with Google Assistant. Don't let its looks fool you — it is a pretty strong projector which offers loud sound for such size. 

  • A charging pad that is wireless and convenient

You might give them a frequent charging cord to squeeze up their phone, but a cordless charging pad is undeniably more cool & convenient. You could offer them a usual charging wire to juice up their phone. The wireless charger made by Anker is one of the least expensive on the marketplace, making it an excellent option for a Secret Santa present or a stocking stuffer. 

  • A USB hub with numerous charging ports that can simultaneously power up several electronic gadgets. 

This charging port will help them conserve outlet space & minimize cord clutter, so be sure to give it to them. The five USB ports, including one USB-C port, make it an ideal present for anyone who enjoys using various electronic devices. 

  • A little locator for checking up on things that are prone to get lost. 

Someone we all know struggles to remember where they put their credentials or the remote control for the television. If you have that person on your holiday shopping list this year, they will probably enjoy receiving a Tile Mate. The Tile Mate is a Bluetooth-enabled tracking system that is very small and allows you to locate lost items within a range of up to 200 feet using your smartphone. 

  • Get a shower door that holds their technology so that you can watch television while they are washing their hair. 

The shower is the one location where we can't take our electronic devices, including our smartphones, tablets, and computers, because we use them so frequently that they have become almost like appendages. 

Perhaps that is a positive development, but it's also possible that the recipient of your gift would prefer to catch up on the most recent episode of Shameless while relaxing in the tub. 

This shower curtain, which features eight compartments of varying sizes to accommodate a variety of electronic devices, gives "screenagers" of all ages the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of a warm bath while still being able to keep their treasured electronic devices close at hand. 


There are a number of affordable add-ons on this list that supplement the devices they now have at a price level that is appropriate for stocking stuffers. One example of this would be a smart roller for a man that wants to nail the ideal pour. 

Although some of these tech gift ideas are regarded to be luxury items, such as an intelligent coaster for the guy who wants to nail the ideal pour, some of them, like a monitoring gadget that is enabled with Bluetooth, might even provide you with some peace of mind, that is actually the nicest gift that anyone could give you.