How to Choose a Catering Company

How to Choose a Catering Company

Whether you’re hosting a private event, a corporate party, or organizing a wedding, your choice of caterer has a significant impact on its success.

For those who haven’t hired caterers before or who have been let down in the past, it can be useful to know exactly what you need to look for in a catering company.

Read on to learn about five factors that you should consider before making your final decision. 

  1. The event size and needs 

The first element that you need to think of is the size of the event, as in how many people you need to cater for. Some companies are only able to cater for small events, whereas others can handle greater numbers. 

You also need to think about the type of catering that you need. For example, a three-course sit-down meal with waiting service or a buffet. You can find caterers that specialize in specific types of catering such as wedding catering, corporate catering, and personal events catering, so this is also something to consider. 

  1. The event’s location 

When choosing catering services for parties, location is crucial as, ideally, you’ll want to use a company that doesn’t have to travel too far to your event. Also, if they haven’t catered for an event in your location before, they may have difficulty finding the venue, which can cause problematic delays. 

If you do choose a catering company that’s unfamiliar with your location, make sure that they can access your venue with ease ahead of the event. 

  1. Your expectations for the event 

You need to be clear with your caterers about what your expectations are for your event before you book them, as you need to be confident that they can handle the job. It can be useful to ask them how they’ve dealt with last-minute changes in previous jobs as this will show how well they cope under pressure. 

If you have guests who have specific dietary requirements, you should make a point to ask how they will cater to them and ensure that their needs are met. 

  1. The caterer’s customer reviews 

You should always take the time to read the caterer’s customer reviews before you book them as this will help you to find a trustworthy and reliable supplier. You may also want to ask family, friends, and work colleagues if they have any recommendations as these can be worth their weight in gold. 

Social media is another great resource for finding good catering companies, so take a look at Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

  1. The caterer’s costs 

Lastly, you need to consider pricing. If you haven’t booked caterers before, prepare to be shocked as some can be exorbitant. To keep costs down, make sure you look out for hidden fees or charges that can quickly add up. 

As a general rule, caterers tend to give a price range rather than an exact quote, especially at the beginning, as a lot of factors can affect the final bill, so bear this in mind when setting your budget.