Complete AC Maintenance Checklist

Complete AC Maintenance Checklist

This is the only AC Maintenance Checklist you need this summer!

Love summers? when you can wear whatever you want from a short dress to just a bikini and go out on a beach to take a fresh bath? Well, we all do love these things in the summer. But, there's a catch with it, we also have to tackle the summer heat and make sure we don't get a sunburn while enjoying a party at the beach or on a mountain.

That's why someone supercool invented AC (air conditioning) to help us enjoy summer and still have an escape to winter. This thing can bring cool air into our rooms in just a few minutes not months and that's one of the best inventions in the history of mankind. I think I am going a bit far but that's right, at least for me.

So, to make your life even easier and reduce your electricity bills, I am here with this AC maintenance checklist that combines DIY tasks you can tackle yourself and also some professional AC maintenance recommendations to keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently throughout the whole summer. Let's read:

DIY AC Maintenance Checklist (Monthly):

This list is for the "Do It Yourself" air condition maintenance checklist plus guidelines that you should follow and perform at least once a month:

  1. Change Air Filters Regularly: This is a crucial step. Replace your air filter according to the AC manufacturer's instructions, typically every 1-3 months during peak cooling season. Why? Because a clogged AC filter reduces airflow and efficiency thus your electricity bills go high.
  2. Inspect and Clean the Outdoor Unit: You should clear leaves, debris, and weeds from around the condenser unit installed outside your room. Try to maintain a clearance of at least 2 feet for proper airflow. You can gently clean the condenser fins with a soft brush or vacuum to remove dirt and grime easily.
  3. Check the Thermostat: Ensure your AC's thermostat is set to the desired cool temperature and functioning properly. Test different settings to make sure the AC turns on and off accordingly and does not take more or less time than it usually does.
  4. Clear the Condensate Drain Line: The condensate drain line that's connected to the indoor unit removes moisture from the system. A clogged drain pipe can lead to leaks and mold growth. Check for clogs and clear the drain pipe if necessary (you should consult your AC manual for specific instructions).

These are some AC maintenance checklist points that you can do on your own and don't have to call a professional for these things.

Only by performing these easy tasks, you can make your AC life longer and reduce your electricity bill including a great performance AC to cool your bedroom in time.

Professional AC Maintenance Checklist (Yearly):

Here's a checklist for AC maintenance for professionals and for consumers who need a professional service like air conditioning maintenance Aurora, CO, and other great services available near you. You should bookmark this page for this checklist and make sure you read it before asking a service provider:

  1. Schedule a professional tune-up: A qualified air conditioning technician can perform a more comprehensive inspection, including:
  2. Inspecting and cleaning coils and fins: A professional AC cleaning service ensures optimal heat transfer and efficiency for you.
  3. Checking electrical connections: They can fix connection issues as loose or faulty connections can lead to electrical problems and are big reasons for safety hazards.
  4. Inspecting the compressor and motor: A professional AC technician will assess the overall health of these vital components and make sure they are working correctly.
  5. Examining ductwork and drain pans: AC maintenance professionals can identify leaks in the ductwork and ensure proper drainage for AC's optimal running.
  6. Monitoring refrigerant levels: If you don't already know, low refrigerant levels can impact cooling performance and pros can help you fix that.
  7. Testing thermostat operation: An AC technician can ensure your thermostat is calibrated and functioning accurately without any apparent problem.

Besides your DIY AC cleaning steps, you have to seek professional help at least once a year to make sure your air conditioning systems keep working perfectly and you don't ever have to spend more than what you should just for AC maintenance.

One more thing is "You should give your AC some TLC" but what's TLC? let's know:

In the context of air conditioner maintenance, TLC stands for Tender Loving Care. It's a general term used to emphasize the importance of giving your Air Conditioning System the care and attention it needs to function properly.

Yes, treat it like a thing that's not just a machine, but more than that as it gives you some priceless comfort and you should also do the same with your AC.

Additional Tips:

If you are still looking for a few more tips, here's what you should know:

  • Maintain a very clean indoor environment to minimize dust and allergens that can clog your air filter. You should avoid using air blowers and such machines while cleaning your room from the inside.
  • Keep an eye out for warning signs on your indoor and outdoor units like unusual noises, leaks (waterdrops, etc), or if you feel reduced cooling capacity. These may indicate a need for professional service.

By following these checklists for different scenarios about AC maintenance, you can help your air conditioner operate efficiently, extend its lifespan, take control of your electricity usage, and keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the summer so you enjoy more and worry less.