How to Turn Your Blog into a Business

How to Turn Your Blog into a Business

If you have a successful blog, you should definitely consider monetizing it. With enough readers, a blog can make a serious amount of money. You can even turn it into a physical business in some cases. Here’s how you can successfully turn your blog into a business.

Write great content consistently

The most important part of running a successful blog is creating great content. Without good content, you won’t ever get readers, and if you don’t have readers then it doesn't matter how well monetized your website is, because no one will see your ads. If you write about subjects that people are interested in and know little about then you should do well.

Promote your content

The best way that you can promote your content is to buy ads on other websites and blogs. There are many businesses out there that will let you place text or banner ads on their site with just an email address. If it’s a successful blog, people can visit several times per day so the advertisement should get lots of views and clicks. You can also contact bloggers that write about similar topics to you and see if they’d be willing to place your advertisement on their site.

Build an email list

Once you get some great content going people will want to read more of what you have. The next step that you can consider is to build an email list. This lets you send out new posts and special offers directly to the reader for one low cost per month, instead of paying per advertisement on another site or in a magazine.

Consider making your business physical 

If your blog is successful enough then you can even consider moving it into a real business. All you need to do is create an LLC or incorporate your business. You’ll need to find a place to rent in order to sell products and try and get as many of the original customers from the blog on board with the idea. Definitely not an easy route to take, but if you have a huge blog it can be worth it. For example, if you run a healthcare blog, you could buy some equipment from and start a real healthcare business.

Monetize your blog

The best way that you can monetize your blog is with a host of ads on the side or at the bottom of each post. You can also sell space on your website for banner advertisements, newsletter links, ebooks, and many other features. One point to remember is to only have one or two types of ads up so it doesn’t get too cluttered and people will feel like they have plenty of room to read.

Test and optimize

You should also be testing different types of content and ads to see what works. Make sure that you’re putting your best content, which can possibly get more readers or customers, in a more prominent place such as the top of all posts. Also, make sure that if you have a call to action it’s prominently placed so that it can’t be missed. You should also change your layout or colors every once in a while so that people don’t get bored of seeing the same content all of the time.