How To Compress Your Blog's JavaScript To Make Page Load Faster

How To Compress Your Blog's JavaScript To Make Page Load Faster

In the series of minimizing page load times. Now we will be compressing our JavaScript codes in our blog so that it loads at a much faster rate.

Heavy scripts make blog/websites extremely slow and thus losing potential visitors.

They might be interested in the actual content that you have to offer but the page load time often drives them away.

So lets get started and compress our Java Scripts.

Step 1: Finding the code

Go to Design >> Edit HTML and backup the template of your Blogger blog and search for these tags

<script> or </script>These are the codes which define a particular JavaScript code.

Though this can be hectic if you have a huge blog with massive use of JavaScript, it's still worth it to spend some time and make your blog more approachable to the low bandwidth users.

Copy each single code, closed in <script>All java script junk</script> tags and follow the next step.

Step 2: Let's compress them

So now you have your code with you that you wish to compress, simply go to JsCompress. Paste your code in the 'JavaScript Code Input' field and click compress JavaScript.

Once your code is ready to use, paste it where it was in the Edit HTML. That's all. Repeat the same for all JavaScript and you would be amazed by the results.

Make sure you are using this compressed JavaScript that will surely help you get faster loading speed and pass Google's speed tests.