Everything You Need to Know When Buying a New Motorhome

Consider the Right Size of Motorhome for Your Needs

Whether you’ve been considering buying your very own brand-new motorhome for a while now and are finally ready to take the plunge, or alternatively if this is a relatively new idea of either yours or your partner’s and you’re interested in learning more, then either way, you’ve clicked on the right article.

Here’s everything you need to know when buying a new motorhome. 

Shop Around

As with any other larger purchase and indeed, aside from your house or apartment, you are probably unlikely to spend this much money again in one go, so it’s absolutely essential to shop around.

Take the time to search multiple dealers with impressive reviews and five-star ratings, and make sure that any dealer you choose to approach can also readily provide the correct paperwork and legal supporting documents to accompany the sale. 

Consider the Right Size of Motorhome for Your Needs

Just as different models have different specifications and indeed, both positive and negative attributes, so too do varying manufacturers provide different sized motorhomes and when considering your ideal size of vehicle, the following questions may serve to help you:

  • What’s the level of fuel bills that you and your family can comfortably afford?
  • Do you plan on exploring more isolated regions or more family-friendly, larger sites?
  • Will you need any additional facilities which don’t come as standard with most models?
  • How much storage are you (and your family where applicable) likely to need for an average trip?

Layout is Important

Even with the same style, make, and model of motorhome, there could still be differences, sometimes significant ones, when it comes the basic layout of the vehicle, which means that you need to be sure about the type of layout that will best suit your needs

As a basic guide, it would be pertinent to consider what you love most about the layout of your living room at home; obviously, the space in a motorhome won’t be so amply sized, but as far as where things go and what essentials need to be included, this is an excellent starting point.

Additionally, if you intend on using the motorhome for your own solo adventures and pursuits, then you’re much freer when it comes to your list of things to include and conversely, exclude from the plans. There’s certainly something to be said for taking off on the open road with just yourself (and ideally, your trusted canine best friend) and your own thoughts. 

Always Include Breakdown Cover in Your Budget

Even though this point may well seem more than a little obvious for some, the comprehensive insurance that you’ve currently taken out for your family car simply isn’t applicable at all to a motorhome.

Crucially, should you be planning on a long-distance trip almost immediately after investing in your brand-new motorhome, then make sure your motorhome-specific breakdown cover includes being rescued anywhere in the state or beyond, rather than just a twenty-mile radius of your place of residence.