Trademark Registration in Indonesia — What All You Need to Know?

Trademark Registration in Indonesia — What All You Need to Know?

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and one of the world's emerging economies. The abundance of natural resources, competent workforce, growing domestic market, combined with a higher global profile, Indonesia is your ideal investment destination.

Back in 2012, Indonesia became the second-largest G-20 economy, replacing world-largest democracy, India. Since then, the Indonesia economy has fluctuated around 5%.

Trademark registration is of paramount importance when establishing your business in Indonesia. A trademark can be a unique illustration, character, word, phrase, logo or symbol. In simple words, anything that distinguishes a brand/product/service from others in the market.

As per the trademark law in Indonesia, you must apply for the trademark to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP). The department functions under the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

It is imperative to know the perks of obtaining a trademark, and its process, this article discusses both.

Trademark Registration in Indonesia—What are the Benefits?

Exclusive Rights

Once your trademark has been registered, you'll have the full right to use it any way you want, with no permission.

If someone misuses your name, you can sue the individual or organization at the court. Thus, means the infringement can be quickly & easily taken down.

Added Value

Since it is your intellectual property, you can trade your trademark. This means your trademark is your asset. You can sell or easily franchise.

Unique Identity

You can use your trademark for branding and marketing purposes. A unique trademark makes it easy for your target audience to identify your business. So, you can stand out among the competitors.

Steps For Registering Your Trademark in Indonesia

Step 1: Research First

Before you do your trademark registration; you must thoroughly research to avoid any disputes in the future. A comprehensive analysis saves you a lot of time and resources from the unsuccessful filling of the trademark registration request.

You can do your research yourself or hire a local registered business consultant to assist you with that. Keep in mind that the trademark registration process in Indonesia is lengthy and tiring.

Hence, it is a straightforward decision to have experts with an in-depth knowledge of entry business legislation and infrastructure to assist you.

Step 2: Fill Out the Registration Form

Make sure you fill out the trademark registration form, coherently & truthfully. You must double-check the details before attaching all the documents with the form.

Step 3: Ensure Accurate Translation

Every document that you submit with the trademark registration application in Indonesia has to be in the native Indonesian language. For that reason, you're required to hire a certified translator.

They must have native-level expertise in both English & Indonesian language.

Your translated documents have to be understandable to native Indonesians.

Remember, the authorities & officials who are involved with the trademark registration process, might not understand English at all.

Are you looking to register your trademark in Indonesia? You must consult a local business advisor.

With a legal trademark in Indonesia, your business will have more recognition and an increase in reputation. Besides, a trademark is a valuable asset your company can have.