3 Highly Effective SEO Techniques for Building Backlinks and Traffic

3 Highly Effective SEO Techniques for Building Backlinks and Traffic

If you are an online entrepreneur or a blogger looking out for maximizing your website traffic and profits then it is crucial to have some fine SEO skills under your belt.

Though there are many big and small Search Engine Optimization techniques that need to be implemented on your website, the most important one is getting quality backlinks for improving your site’s search engine rankings and traffic.

The traditional methods of getting backlinks to your website/blog are submitting your articles in article directories, submitting guest posts in high traffic blogs and blog commenting etc.

But here I am going to discuss few other popular SEO techniques that will help you drive in absolutely relevant and targeted traffic, along with some high quality backlinks to your blog. And I have also shared some effective tips on how to make the most of these SEO techniques.

Social Bookmarking

Social media is being widely exploited these days by every kind of business in the world due to its massive potential to draw a huge amount of traffic to their websites. But not everyone knows how to truly harness its true powers in order to promote their businesses effectively; which may be due to a lack of proper knowledge or expertise in exploiting social media.

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Many entrepreneurs have a completely wrong idea about Social Media and they have the wrong impression that social media must be always used for promoting their wares and services. That’s entirely wrong.

I am not saying you shouldn’t do that at all, but before doing that you must try to build a good relationship with them. Conduct surveys, ask questions, know more about them, know their needs and requirements, and then finally giving them what they really want by promoting the right stuff. This can make your social marketing campaigns more effective and efficient.

You can also post off topic stuff and interesting stories with your fans/followers once in a while. You must certainly utilize this Search Engine Optimization technique to your benefit to maximize your traffic and profits.


Posting on forums is also a great way to build your reputation as a blogger or online entrepreneur, and is also a powerful Search Engine Optimization technique to get backlinks and additional traffic. You can get the backlink to your blog by adding a link in your forum signature. But never be in a hurry to flash your signature as soon as you sign up.

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The first thing that you must do on a forum is to get yourself acquainted with the rules by reading the sticky posts and other important posting/forum rules that you must adhere to. Otherwise you may unknowingly violate the forum rules, which can ultimately get you banned for good. Be an active member of the forum, help others, answer queries and prove yourself to be an asset to the forum.

Then others may want to know more about you and will click on your website link in the signature. And never even dare to SPAM the forums with affiliate links or other promotions. You will get banned faster than you blink your eyes. So never do that.

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A huge percentage of Internet users these days rely on videos to learn new things or solve their problems, and YouTube is the most popular video sharing website for most of those video junkies.

Did you know that videos rank pretty high on the search engines than other content or articles?

So it is a great opportunity for you as a blogger to create ‘how-to’ videos on your business and post it on YouTube and the current trends like animation video production or whiteboard video production can help you do it more frequently and easily.


YouTube also allows you to add links and keywords along with the videos which give you a golden opportunity to get highly relevant back links to your blog as well as get additional stream of traffic through the videos. If you are a serious businessman, then you must definitely make videos as a medium to promote your website and harness its Search Engine Optimization advantage.

If you are desperately searching for an effective, cheaper and sustainable way to promote your business on the internet then you must definitely make SEO an integral part of your online marketing strategy.

There is no better way to reach out to your prospects on the internet than SEO without spending a dime on advertising campaigns.